Monday, August 26, 2013

Product Review: Melvita Capiforce Hair Mask

As a brand, Melvita is struggling to find a consumer base in Korea because of a) the inundation of other high-end beauty brands, and b) lack of marketing. This saddens me, as I'm pretty sure the only Melvita store that I know of in Seoul (in Garosugil/가로수길) will be closing soon due to lack of sales.

In my efforts to singlehandedly bolster the sales at Melvita Korea, I purchased a few impulse items whilst at the store recently. I usually do a bit of research before buying high-end products, just to make sure that I'm not burning money thoughtlessly. This product, however, went into my shopping basket blindly because my hair was feeling particularly damaged that day, so all I had on my mind was moisture masques. BAD IDEA.

I've used the Melvita Capiforce Hair Mask on multiple occasions since its initial purchase, trying to be able to give it a thorough review. I truly do love Melvita... BUT! I just can't with this product. I have to be honest with you and say that it's a total waste of money. The thin mask barely stays on your strands, mostly dripping off and not even accomplishing the base function of a conditioner. Its claims of making hair "luscious and silky... glowing and radiant" is just a load of empty words. There isn't even the usual Melvita honey smell to sweeten the 45,000 KRW I paid for the product. 

Unfortunately, this product is not worth the money you'll spend. Maybe they'll redo the formula, but until then, this is a definite NO REPURCHASE product for me. I'll be diligently trying out a few more hair masks like MoroccanOil and Korres in my attempts to find a mask that actually does what it's supposed to be doing, and I'll report back. Unless hair masks are really one big con and just conditioners in a different packaging. That would be a revelation, wouldn't it?

What do you think about hair masks? Yay or nay?

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