Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Product Review: Korres Walnut and Coconut Suntan Oil

Summer and I are locked in an ongoing game of peek-a-boo. Considering Korea's ridonkulous monsoon season that lasted, oh, pretty much all of summer, I'm trying to take maximum advantage of the last 3 weeks of sunshine that the weather forecasts are predicting for the end of summer. 

Sunshine = pools / beaches / bikinis / sunscreen / tanning oil
Use of tanning oil = this product review
This product review = Korres Walnut and Coconut Suntan Oil

I got this waaaaaay back in May in a mini skincare haul (see here) and by now, I've tried everything and have clearly crowned my fave tanning oil as Riemann P20 (see here), but I feel that this product should at least get a honorable mention.

It's a vegetable-based suntan oil with walnut oil and chamomile, water resistant and free of parabens, silicone, petrochemicals, phthalates, and all those bad nasties. It is a Korres product, so you can be guaranteed of its organic ingredients. 

I love the spray button but find it gets a bit slippery after a few sprays. It's SPF 10, so just a tad of sun protection, but that's not why we buy this product, is it? It DOES allow you to get a pretty perfect all-over bronze color without clogging your pores. I also find this product minimizes breakouts, even when I don't take a shower immediately after tanning, because it's not as greasy as other suntan oils. I have also never gotten burned on this, despite its low SPF. 

Don't be alarmed if it sprays out a dark, transparent brown color. There is no self-tanner (blech) in the oil, just natural oils. I think the dark color comes from the walnut oils.

Korres has always been reliably solid for me (with one exception) so I'm not surprised that I'm enamored with this product as well. I do have to say that while my beloved Riemann P20 is absolutely fantastic for once-a-day application and protection, it comes with a very harsh chemical smell that can be off-putting. One advantage of the Korres Walnut and Coconut Oil is the pleasant (not too strong) baby powder aroma that it leaves on your skin, so I'll be rotating this product when I'm tanning at the pool for a short time.

What are your favorite tanning oils? Any goodies I haven't tried yet?

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  1. im on board with coconut anything! huge fan over here, but I've never tried this product, might give it a go next time im at the beach!

    A Golden State of Mind


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