Thursday, August 22, 2013

OOTD: Recess Time

 As a child, I was a playground monkey. I sifted sand in my bright neon plastic buckets, making sand pies and fetching a bit of water to fill in my sand castle moats; stretched my little legs as far as I could in order to reach the clouds in my swing; ducked and weaved under the ropes and slides to play hide-and-go-seek... I sought a little bit of that nostalgia when I went to take some photos for my OOTD at the playground near my house. I was wearing a playful shirt with a giant mustache, so totally appropriate. 

 FTS Hat- Korea // Mustache shirt- Thailand // Shorts- Zara // Sneakers- Zara // Clutch- Zara // Jacket- KESH x American Apparel // Sunglasses- Ray-Ban


Totally awkward pose trying to incorporate all the accessories.

What's your favorite childhood memory? Were you a playground monkey too?


  1. Ah! Love the t-shirt! Guess I'm going to have to book a trip to Thailand!

  2. i like the shorts, they are such pretty color =]

    A Golden State of Mind


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