Tuesday, August 13, 2013

OOTD: Green and Lace

The sun gods have heard my woeful cries and bestowed upon us Seoulites the gift of bright and bountiful sunshine. Seoul is immersed in an intense heat wave, but when accompanied by cloudless azure skies, I have no cause to complain. Perfect timing, as the boy touches down in Seoul today! I'm very excited about the fortnight he will spend here, and have created an itinerary that will make his head spin.

I grabbed my trusty Starbucks container and my white Zara kicks to do a bit of impromptu OOTD posing in front of this spectacular structure in front of the Unification Church near my house. I loved the pop of color and will probably take more photos in front of it again because it's conveniently located. 

I adore hidden wedge sneakers.

I was in Forever 21 trying to waste some time between work when I found these shorts and got terribly annoyed. I had bought the same exact pair three months ago for 2.5 times the cost at Zara, y'see. I'll have to do a side-by-side comparison photo but they are almost identical, with the exception of the quality of the white lace work. I bought this version anyway for research purposes but now I have two of the same shorts. This happens to me a lot. 

Golden rose bracelet custom-made by Eunhee Lee Jewelry.

Shirt- Zara | Shorts- Forever 21 | Shoes- Zara | Sweater- Banana Republic | Sunglasses- Ray-Bans | Bracelet- Eunhee Lee Jewelry

I am totally soaking in the last remnants of the summer sunshine. Here's hoping more sun and cloudless skies for the next few weeks!


  1. Cute shorts! xx

    Caterina x

  2. Thanks Caterina! I have two pairs now! Haha :P

  3. Bah, it's super annoying when you buy something and then a few weeks later other shops stock it for much cheaper! It happens so often with ZARA (they had the safari jacket with leather sleeves and then BAM - ALL shops had the same one for a quarter of the price!).

    Looking lovely though!



  4. Nice, love the green top http://www.robesdemariee2013.com/


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