Friday, August 2, 2013

Nailed: Etúde House

Even while taking photos of this nail polish collection, I was befuddled as to what exactly I would do with this post. I'm not a nail polish blog, I don't have nearly enough fingers to swatch all of them, and I don't plan on showing you swatches of them on those fake fingernail wheels (sorry!) because I don't even know where to purchase those in Korea. The best I can do are these dark-ish photos (it's been raining non-stop!) and hope that if you truly want to see a specific color swatched, you'll write a comment below. Otherwise, here is my Etude House nail polish collection for those of you with a habit (like me!). Enjoy!

The now discontinued Petite Darling Matte Collection in (top to bottom, L to R):
#10 Strawberry Yogurt // #6 Orange Muffin // #7 Lemon Cheese // #8 Mint Cookie // #9 Snow Flower
#11 Berry Bubble // #1 Silky Beige // #3 Milky Way Purple // #2 Latte Brown   

Dear My Neon Pop Nails Collection in (top to bottom, L to R): 
Scandalous Pink // Powerful Peach // Crazy Orange // Warning Yellow // Fresh Melon
Meet Mint // Ultra Green // Blaster Blue // Double Purple // Poppy Purple 

Dear My Neon Pop Nails Collection in (top to bottom, L to R): 
Lunatic Purple // Why Wine // Red Carpet // Golden Bell // Sparkling Champagne
Crystal Glass // Firework

Petite Darling Nails Collection in (top to bottom, L to R):
PP905 Orego Purple // PK003 Strawberry Milk // BR301 Oolong Milk Tea // PK013 May Queen Pink
Base Coat (except it's very clearly a pale mint color) // YL803 Lemonade // WH706 True Black 

Regular Nail Collection in (top to bottom, L to R):
#1 Skin Beige // #2 Pure Pink // #2 So Cute Love // PK009 Pure Hot Pink // #1 So Hot Sick // OR206 Lady Coral
GR608 Apple Lime // GR609 Evergreen // GR601 Pop Green Slushie // BL505 Ocean Blue // #2 Cute Gray // #1 Silk Black
Pearl Top Coat // BR306 Ice Gold // Pearl Top Coat White

The VIP Girl Collection in (L to R):
PK011 You Say Pink! // PK012 Check It Pink // GR605 VVIP Green // GR607 Green Blue // BL505 I Say Blue!

Dear Darling Nails Bling Bling Collection (from L to R):
WH020 Extreme Jewels // RD010 Bling Bling Red // GD011 Glam Night Gold

Luci Darling Fantastic Nails Collection (from L to R):
02 Pink Jewel // 02 Red // 01 Royal Gold // 03 Orgo Mint // 04 Indigo // 01 Satin Purple

The idiot-proof Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nails Set

#2 Pink (Pale Pink // Lovely Pink // Kiss Kiss Pink) and #3 Purple (Pale Purple // Romantic Purple // Royal Purple)

#4 Mint (Pale Mint // Soda Mint // Refreshing Mint) and #5 Gold (Beige // Merry Gold // Princess Gold)

#6 Gray (Bling Bling White // Angel Silver // Snowflake Silver)

Limited Edition Wannabe Perfumed Syrup Nails Collection (also easy gradient nails for the idiot)

Glam Pearl, Sparkling Silver, and Bling Bling Rose

Well. After that exhausting exercise of straining my eyeballs through the crap print on tiny labels trying to ascertain what the name of the nail color is, I've realized several things:
1) Korean beauty companies need to name everything consistently and with names that make sense,
2) there are only so many names for the color "pink" that you can come up with,
3) my name is Sarah Lee and I have a nail polish hoarding problem.

I think I'll unload some of these in a future online blog sale so if you're a nail polish fiend, keep your eyes open.

Now I have to go paint my nails. I'm pretty sure some of these I've never even opened. Sigh.

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