Thursday, August 15, 2013

Korean Beauty Products Series: Too Cool For School

Although some of the other brands like Missha, Tony Moly, and Étude House (honestly don't know where that accent is supposed to be!) are being widely distributed in various ways abroad, Too Cool For School has been an emerging beauty brand that is still attempting to play with the big boys in the domestic market. Their approach is to target the school-aged demographic by packaging inspired by school. The concept is that since you're too cool for school, thus ironically you are driven to purchase makeup items that are packaged to look school-related. This logic has escaped me... but nonetheless, on to the products. 

Too Cool To Learn Proper Penmanship, obvs.

The back of the bag will give you a breakdown of the different kinds of dinosaurs, incorporating a bit of a lesson with your purchase. 

As soon as I saw these in the shop, I snatched them up jiffy quick. I've been dying to try the Beauty Blenders but had read differing reviews on their efficacy so wasn't willing to shill out big bucks to have it shipped to me from the US to Korea. 

HOWEVER, these knockoffs are 5,000 KRW and are marketed under "Marshmallow Puff". They have the distinct contouring that make Beauty Blenders perfect for blending your makeup flawlessly. 

The Art Class Pencil Eraser. The pencil side has apricot stone oil amongst other moist things. Were you a little too vigorous with the black liquid eyeliner? Never fear! Softly rub the pencil side on the part of the eye you want to remove. Use the brush side to clean up the mess... et voilà!

The Rules of Pore Magic Pore Balm (13,000 KRW)

This reminded me of my beloved Nars Skin Smoothing Face Prep primer, which I use religiously, even when not wearing makeup, to diminish the size of pores and imbue a matted look on my T-zone. The Magic Pore Balm is meant to accomplish the similar tasks of covering pores and fine wrinkles by filling them in, allowing for a smoother makeup application.

 It does come with a face puff, which I don't use. I like to feel my face smoothing directly with my fingertips. It's a nice touch, though, and fits beautifully into the container. The Magic Pore Balm is a totally affordable alternative to the Nars Skin Smoothing Face Prep: ~$11 USD vs. $30 USD.

Too Cool For School Party Time Dual Eye Shadow & Eye Base (12,000 KRW)

On top, there is a terra-cotta-baked dual eye shadow. I got it in #3 Sunrise, a shimmery rose gold and a dark chestnut. 

 Screwed underneath is the cream shadow, a mixture of "soft shimmering pearl and hologram pearl particles". It's certainly shimmery alright, so if you don't want to appear too frosty on the eyelids, apply sparingly to the inner corners of the eyelid to achieve a wide-eyed look.

The top swatch is the rose gold, the middle is the chestnut, and the bottom is the pearl cream shadow. I find that the colors are muted, payoff poor, and easily smudged off. This is one item I wouldn't recommend to anyone. The packaging sucks you in, but resist!

Last but not least, the Art Class Lip Crayon in #1 Glossy Red (7,000 KRW)

Similar to the Revlon Just Bitten Lip Balms, the color is semi-sheer but build-able. The crayon itself is a bit soft so be careful not to press too hard or it will smoosh into a big mess. It sits lightly on your lips, like a balm, but less moisturizing. The only negative point of this crayon is that you need a special sharpener that you can only purchase from Too Cool For School (of course) and the cute tip becomes warped after sharpening. 

If you want to peruse their website, it is adorably interactive, although woefully confusing. Continuing with the school theme, you need to play interactive card games in order to even enter the website. Ain't nobody got time for that!

Have you heard of Too Cool For School? How do you think it measures up to other Korean beauty brands?

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