Thursday, August 1, 2013

Korean Beauty Products Series: Etude House

The Korean Beauty Products Series continues! Last week was Missha, known for their beautifully classy packaging and reliably solid products, marketed toward the working gal with a budget (you can read that blogpost here). Today, I present to you... Etude House! Bright colors and cute packaging defines Etude House as THE brand for the girly-girl. 

Who can resist having one of these at their desk/makeup table? Aesthetically pleasing, squeal-inducing hand creams!

Missing U Hand Cream Kakapo (Sunny Sunny Apple)- keep in mind this is Sunny Squared, so the apple scent must be especially sunny.

The head unceremoniously unscrews to reveal the hand cream inside. 

The hand cream is moisturizing but not too greasy. I find it lighter and softer than the L'Occitane line, for example. 

The Missing U Hand Cream range also includes Very Berry Cherry, Sweet Cotton Candy, and Peach Peach Peach. Sigh. The names. I know.

Missing U Classics Hand Cream in "Panda"

Contrary to popular belief, the smell is not Panda but a delicious sweet peach. Sigh the names again. The other scents available are Pink Whale (rose), Seal (herb), Fairy Penguin (cotton).

Bling Bling Eyesticks in (from top to bottom) #10 Little Bear Star, #7 Orange Fox Star, #8 Ivory Baby Star, #9 Golden Tail Star (I'm translating these direct from Korean but let's just say the names are ridiculous in both Korean AND English).

Swatched, as seen in my product review blogpost on these eyesticks here

I swear by these the next products. I've been using them for the past 4-5 years, and I can say that the quality and ease of these eyeshadows often exceed my high-end products of YSL and Chanel eyeshadows. They're absolutely perfect for throwing into a purse for a night out (streamlined and cheap to replace), and when you're trying to cut down on your makeup application time in the mornings, just a quick swipe of the eyeshadow and a smudge of the eyeliner gets the job done! I can also attest to its ease of application when in motion. Rattling subway car and shaking vehicle tested. 
Line Nuance Duo in # 5 Glam Silver and Smokey (top) and #4 Brownie and Gold Khaki (bottom)

I love how the eyeliner colors aren't the same as the eyeshadows but are rather complementary of each other. The silvery brown eyeshadow (top) comes with the dark khaki green eyeliner (2nd from top), and create marvelously smokey eyes. For daytime, I adore the ivory eyeshadow (bottom) with a light swipe of the brown (2nd from bottom) on my top lash line for a natural, open-eyed look.

These are called Apricot Gloss Sticks, and I have them in #7 Refreshing Raspberry, #3 Refreshing Apple, #1 Sweet Grape. If you're wondering why they look the same, it's because they are pretty much the same. 

All the colors come out semi-sheer and are buildable. Do you need more than one in this line? No. They all produce the same reddish glossy tint. The only difference between the glosses are the smells. I am partial to the Raspberry and Grape scents.

The next products are also my go-tos at Etude House. They give a super shiny gloss to your lips, the color payoff is intense, and one container will last you FOREVER.
Magic Tint Balm in #2 Magic Pink (the faded label shows its age- I've had this for 2+ years)

The Magic Tint Balm line gives a gorgeous baby pink color to my lips. Super glossy! Beware of hair when windy. 

Magic Tint Balm in #1 Magic Red

Just one layer should give you a ultra-classic red glossy pout. 
They also have these available in #3 Magic Orange. 

I'll do a separate blogpost dedicated to Etude House's nail polish line as well as their skincare line soon.

I really love how Etude House keeps churning out new and fun products to keep up with their ever expanding customer base, and I know more and more people have been asking about Etude House from abroad. If you have any requests on a specific Etude House product that you were curious about, ask me below!

And don't forget that I'm hosting the mini giveaways for each Korean Beauty Products Series blogpost I write! Comment on which beauty product you'd love to have from that specific brand, and you can win a brand new version of your choice if there's a minimum of 10 unique commenters for that blogpost! Spread the word ♥ 


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    1. I know you've been showing some serious love to Korean beauty brands! I can't imagine how expensive they're selling it for in Ireland?!


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