Monday, July 8, 2013

What's On My Face #1

I'd seen these posts done before but typical of my running on Asian time, I never got ready quickly enough to be able to document and photograph what exactly went on my face that day. I managed to snag a few minutes before putting my face on to take a snapshot of the face makeup situation so here 'tis:

I'm going for a super minimal look these days, surprise surprise. No face makeup with the exception of serum skincare immediately after the requisite face wash and toner. Focus on eyes, brows, and lips. This way, my face never gets the "melty" look that occurs for so many girls during the summer. I know BB cream can mitigate this situation, but I don't really like the feel of anything on my face, plus the sensation of sweat + oils + makeup clogging my pores makes me go ugh.

For the focus on my eyes, I love to have strong brows framing my face. The Anastasia Brow Wiz Pencil in Brunette is perfect for filling in my brows and giving me extra umph for the Megan Fox/Cara Delavingne brow effect. Next, my HG Smudgeproof Eye Base Primer from Nars. It keeps any and all eyeshadow firmly locked in for long-lasting staying power throughout the day. I've really fallen in love with YSL's Pure Chromatics eyeshadow palette in #10 that I initially picked up in duty free and have since purchased more of, slowly collecting them all like Pokémon. I love that you can apply this eyeshadow wet (with the flat brush) or dry (with the regular eyeshadow brush), giving you a wide range of versatile looks for day and night. The wet look is very chic and smoky, especially when you go with the khaki colors instead of the cliché grays and blacks. 

I never leave home without the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair in mini. Even when I'm going bare minimal on my face, this is the one item I always apply, morning and night. The Marc Jacobs perfume Dot does not go on my face, of course, but behind the earlobes is close enough. I like this scent over the Daisy for a little bit more of a sultry smell. Lately I've been favoring colored eyeliner over my usual black liquid because I find that the pop of color on my bottom line gives my eyes a unique look. You have to be careful not to go too heavy because then you'll look like you partied all night and stumbled in at 9 in the morning. I prefer Nars Larger-than-Life Long-Wear Eyeliner in Abbey Road, an iridescent turquoise, and Rue de Rivoli, a metallic forest green. They're fairly waterproof and the colors are just gorgeous. Lastly, for my lips, MAC's Vegas Volt lipstick goes perfectly with the metallic forest eyeliner, creating a earth-mother look that still looks natural enough for daytime. 

I know you're probably wondering how my Yacht Week adventure went, and don't fret, I have over 5000 photos from those 7 days that I have to sift through and incorporate into coherent blogposts. Look for that in a few days after I've settled back in Korea and returned to normal routines. Until then, please enjoy these previously written posts!

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