Friday, July 19, 2013

The Yacht Week: Day 7

The final day of Yacht Week has arrived. Traditionally, it's always been reserved for the regatta. Even yachts who spend the entire week motoring will have to put up their sails to participate in this epic race. 

The next morning, we tried to hustle it out of Solta in order to beat the 50+ other yachts to the designated starting point of the regatta. 

Alec thought that this would be an excellent diversionary tactic.

Once out at sea, we put on our fancy dress (ha!) for the regatta. Every yacht is encouraged to go with the theme of their boat, and as ours was Château Bateau, we busted out our bedazzled crowns, regal {disco} capes, and personalized "gold" shirts to represent our obvious superiority in all naval things. 

The people in charge (i.e. not me) put their heads together and crafted a series of strategic maneuvering and tacking and other sailing jargon I don't remember. Apparently, we tacked (sailed into the wind) way before the race started, thus negating the need to tack after the race started. Seems logical. 

If you see here, the other yachts ALL seem to be coming directly towards us. This is because we are already going the direction that everyone needs to be going, but when you sail, you can't just turn wherever you want. You need to make right turns in order to gain momentum from the wind. All I know is that we tacked into the direction we needed to go, and thus gained a ridiculous lead that no one could catch up to. 

This was pretty much our rear view for the duration of the regatta. This picture was taken about 10 minutes into the race, so, in fact, as time progressed, those yachts were even further away. 

We were instructed by the skipper to put our weight on one side of the yacht, and although I still don't quite know why, we of course obliged. 

We sipped on some rosé, tossed down some beers, and looked at the sky. The race was a foregone conclusion, thanks to the brilliant tactical mind of Skipper Alec. 

This flexible young man was the lone ranger sent ahead as part of the Yacht Week Crew to monitor the lead boat (muhaha, US!) and give directions. Why do I refer to him as flexible, you ask? 

He was able to maneuver his boat next to our sailing yacht, grab my camera from the side, and take these photos whilst steering and keeping pace.

Château Bateau for the win!

My camera being in danger of falling into the waters was the most excitement we got because we were so far ahead of the other yachts that it wasn't really a race. 

You can see here the distance of the other yachts. I suspect that most of them just gave up in the middle and just got boozy.

On lips: Korres Mango Lip Butter. Very ooey-gooey and moisturizing.

Not only did I have enough time to apply lip gloss, but also to document Normann illustrating how Germans drink beer.  

Nearing the finish line! Some ropes had to be pulled and such.

The finish line was monitored by other Yacht Week crew, who were on hand to witness our victory (our boat's actual name was also "Victory", how apropos). 

Official photo taken by Connor Fitzpatrick Photography. You can see our sequined capes glinting in the sunlight.  

Annette hurrying to celebrate the momentous occasion.

And... pop goes the confetti guns and the champagne! (sorry about the pollution, environmentalists!)

 Victory was ours!

... but then we still had to wait another 20 minutes for the next yacht to sail up. Anti-climactic :(

Constantin doing his best impression of steering.

Soon after our victory, we realized that our engine had died some time before the race started. Since we were sailing for the duration of the regatta, this realization came about 2 hours late. We had to ask a fellow yacht to tow us near Marina Frapa so we could get the engine replaced/fixed.  

Whilst the engine was being fixed, we ate some pizza on the island and enjoyed some quiet time near the beach. 

Shirt- Orsay // Shorts- Zara // Visor- Adidas // Bikini top- Agent Provocateur // Sandals- Aldo

After the engine was fixed, we headed toward Kremik for the final party thrown by Yacht Week.

The oceans were ridonkulously turbulent! I managed to snap this photo...

...before this happened. 

 Despite the choppy seas, sailing into this view on our last night was absolutely magical. 

We motored into the port late and missed the designated Yacht Week bus that shuttled everyone to Aurora Club, where the final festivities would be held. We were informed by the Yacht Week crew that as the prize for winning the regatta, we would be awarded 2 bottles of alcohol at our VIP table, hurray. We hurried to the club to enjoy our victory and the last Yacht Week event.

Victorious Château Bateau. 

Unfortunately I got entirely way too excited about winning, and on the way back in the taxi, ended up leaving my mini backpack filled with my mini makeup bag, my iPhone5, and idiotically, my Agent Provocateur bikini that I packed just in case there was swimming at the party. All are replaceable, of course, but DON'T BRING A PURSE TO THIS PARTY. Some small part of me still sensible after the win left my Lumix back on the boat, so all my photos were safe, thank goodness. 

The next morning was a quick sail to the charter base to unpack and say goodbyes! It certainly was a memorable time, with some of the most beautiful views I'd ever seen. This post will be followed tomorrow by my Guide to Yacht Week, so stay tuned for a list of vital dos and don'ts if you're planning a Yacht Week adventure of your own! Until then, xoxo.

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