Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Yacht Week: Day 6

After being harbored in Hvar for the past two days, we were raring to be the first ones out to sail our way to Solta. There were a few things we wanted to try out.  

We put up our sails, broke out the cameras...

....and our skipper Alec attached the swing to the mast for some of us to experience sailing in a unique way...

I got an intimate look at that ocean that had been hanging around us for the past six days. 

Clearly Constantin knows how to do it in style. He got way farther out than I could manage. 

One of the official photographers of Yacht Week, Connor, was on our boat to document, so grabbed this from his camera

Whilst drying our ocean-drenched bodies topside, we arrived at Solta. 

As we set about choosing a spot to anchor, I decided to help by photographing my hand. Very vital business, this. Who else would document my armswag, I ask you?

Solta is a beautiful natural bay. There is technically no dock nor water/electricity plugs, but Solta made up for it by being gorgeous! We were spoiled for spots- they all seemed pretty great. 

We all indulged in a bit more sunning while waiting for the rest of the other yachts to motor in.
Bikini- Agent Provocateur // Hat- Korean shop // Sunglasses- Ray-Bans

For the Croatia Route, Solta is where the Red Route joins with the Black Route, so quite a few more yachts entered and parties started to commence on each individual yachts. 

Now ladies, try to contain yourself at seeing this in double vision:
Twins! 0_O 

A giant Happy Independence Day 'Muricahhh from Croatia! A few other Americans had the same idea and dressed up in their finest stars and stripes. 

I wore my Stars and Stripes bikini on Ollie the Orca. Photo courtesy of Connor Fitzpatrick.
Swimsuit- River Island // Visor- Adidas

Then we decided that our skipper was far too dry for our liking. 

Considering we were surrounded by ocean, this was easily remedied. Looking back at this photo, I'm wondering if this was rather dangerous as we were relatively close to shore and there are rocks under there... whoops!

Put my feet up and marveled at the staying power of my pedicure: YSL- Corail Colisée. I still have it on without a chip, three weeks later!

Spied these fellows looking a bit devious.

They were the same crew with the green dye at the submarine pens! They'd decided that the waters of Solta needed some color. 

Dress- Zara // Flip flops- Havaianas

 Photo of fellow "Murican Nicole and I courtesy of Nicole <3

When Anonymous finished their task, the emerald, turquoise, and cerulean of the ocean looked even more beautiful as the sun set. Alec took the aforementioned swing, fiddled with his sailors' knots, climbed to the tippity top of our boat, and took some pretty amazing photos with my camera. 

Look at that water!

From the top of the mast, Alec had an excellent view of where we would party later that night. There was also a restaurant so people who were allergic to cooking could walk (over all the other boats) or motor over (in their dinghies) and eat there. 

He spied me down below.

Spotted Normann and Constantin. 

Oops! Spied me again. I had migrated a few boats down to say hello to other Yacht Week folk. Since there was no dock, you literally had to climb over each boat to get to the island.

Stunning view of Solta from the top. You get an idea of how many yachts were part of both Red and Black Routes in Yacht Week Croatia. 
Pretty unbelievable.

I'm not afraid of heights so decided I would take a stab at being pulled to the top of the mast as well. As Alec had taken all those amazing photos prior, I didn't take the camera. 

I caught the sun just as it was waving his fingers goodbye, seductively dipping into the horizon below. It was an absolutely spectacular sight that I will treasure for the rest of my life. 

When the sun went down, we continued the party on our boats, joining together with some boats nearby for a rip-roaring party. After we finished most of our alcohol, we drunkenly climbed over roughly 20 yachts to get to the island to continue the party at Sisimis Club. I honestly don't know how other people got back to their yachts after drinking more, but try to do as I did and try to hitch a ride from a friendly Croatian man ferrying people back to their yachts on his dinghy! It's either that or risk ending up on the wrong yacht (as they all look the same) and having to awkwardly explain yourself to the other crew members. 

Tomorrow is the last day of Yacht Week and the official regatta/race! Ooh.


  1. it looks like you're having so much fun! would love a trip right now, currently sitting in my garden... although thank god there's a heat wave in england right now! haha. I'm a new follower, have enjoyed reading your blog so far :)

    lydia xo

    1. Thank you Lydia! I've noticed a surge of interest in my blog from UK readers, so wondering if Yacht Week inquiries are the cause of hits? Stay cool in England! :D


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