Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Yacht Week: Day 5

Yacht Week scheduled a full two days at Hvar, so we left the boat in the harbor and took off to do a bit of exploring of the island. We had such an amazing time at the Hula-Hula yesterday that we decided we had to go again and see how it looked with the sun shining. 

Crop top- American Apparel// Shorts- Zara // Flip flops- Havaianas (purchased at the Croatian mall, MOST comfortable flip flops EVER) // Visor- Stella McCartney for Adidas 

During the day, there are people lounging on the day beds on the rocky beach. Definitely a much calmer atmosphere than the night before. 

Any drink you order can be placed as a pitcher, which cost 178 kunas (about 23-25 Euros). Our fave was the strawberry margarita. 

The view from where we sat. 

We splurge for a snack tower that had: chicken and beef satays, grilled vegetables, taco chips, flautas, chicken wings, and various dips. It was fine shared by 7 not-really-hungry people, but I imagine for those of a healthy appetite, it could probably feed 3. 

Day bed action.

After that brief lunch, we went for a long stroll across the island of Hvar to get to the Yacht Week day party at the club/restaurant Carpe Diem. 

We passed by sunbathers, restaurant-goers, and other tourists lazing around the gorgeous waters.

I looked a bit like I was on my way to school... but embroidered backpacks are the way to go! Backpack from Accessorize in Singapore Changi Airport (can't find them anywhere now!)

Annette taking advantage of the shade.

The town has a beautiful park in the center of the plaza, and these beautiful buildings, like the one behind me here, have been converted into restaurants. 

How perfect would it have been to be able to anchor here? Just jump off and walk three steps into the restaurant. 

Carpe Diem was in full swing with the usual Yacht Week people we've been traveling with all week. 

We got a bottle and jumped right in.

After a while, the sun and music got a bit too loud, so I took a break and meandered the town, taking photos. 

I am such a sucker for bracelets. 

This kid in the local pizza shop had a hat on that I offered to buy off him but he adamantly held on to it. This hat... I mean.

The 1cm pizza with olives and prosciutto was incredible. I ate like 4 slices. They're even more delicious when you're chomping on one while dangling your feet into the turquoise waters below, watching the sun set in dazzling shades of rose and lilacs. 

Hvar was definitely one of my favorite pitstops of the entire journey. There were fortresses and other ancient buildings that were tantalizingly beckoning from afar, but I think those deserve proper visits, so I fully intend to go back and explore the nooks and crannies of Hvar again. 

At this point, you're pretty amazed that this is Day 5 (Wednesday). The days seem to stretch on and on, but tomorrow was July 4, Independence Day, so we- I mean I- planned our best 4th of July gear and went to bed early. Tomorrow's shenanigans await!


  1. Ahh Sarah I'm unbelivably jealous! I've been looking at your post of the yacht week so far and they just keep on getting better!
    Very jealous of your teeny tiny waist too!
    Have fun :)
    Emily xx
    My Ginger Bread Journey

    1. Thank you Emily!! Yacht Week was definitely an amazing experience, looking at these photos whilst blogging makes me want to book a trip out to Croatia again!


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