Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Yacht Week: Day 4

We quickly set off from Komiža the next day to plug along to Hvar. We were greeted by this stunning blue sparkling and blinding our eyes.

Then a few of these popped up. Dun DUN dun DUN (theme song from Jaws obvs).

They weren't sharks but dolphins!

This fella is obviously showing off some skillz.

We played a bit of tag with the school of dolphins, trying to quietly sneak up to them to get a better view. They would flirt with us a bit, showing a bit of fin, until their shyness overcame them and they laughingly danced away.

All of us were pretty much in awe of the grace and beauty of the dolphins, and considered ourselves very lucky to be able to witness this.

We sailed our way into Hvar, dodging the rowers who were practicing a bit off-shore. 

Fender-whatsits to prevent anything running into the side of the boat.

I'm definitely interested in the nitty gritty details of how a yacht operates. Here I am at the front of the yacht trying to keep the boat together. 

Another person definitely learning the hows and whys of yachting: Annette

Oh hi Caro!

Studmuffin = Normann.

There are two harbors in Hvar, and if you can, try to get into the Hvar port early to snag a space. If not, you’ll be docking in the nearby Palmižana (which I kept pronouncing as Parmigiano Reggiano), which is considered to be the carpark of the Hvar world. It’s small and has all the necessary amenities, but you’ll be doing the majority of your eating and partying in Hvar, which is a 15-minute boat taxi ride away. Too far for a quick lunch, so we decided to prepare on the boat.

Chef Julian outdid himself here. 

Sautéed zucchini and eggplant slices, drizzled in olive oil and seasoned with a bit of coarse salt...

..fresh chunks of hearty brown bread...

...salad with lettuce, corn, and tomatoes dressed in olive oil and balsamic, with tuna to sprinkle on.

After the meal, we went to the end of our boat to take a group photo.

Arranging everyone just so in place took some time...

...but the end result was worth it.

Château Bateau.

We then took a water taxi to the other side of Hvar to go to a day beach party- or in our case, because of our tardiness, a twilight beach party.

The party at Hula-Hula was not technically being thrown by the Yacht Week group, so we expected a lot turnout by a few random tourists. 

It turned out to be amazing! Of all the places I would go to party in Croatia, Hula-Hula would be it! You grab yourself a massive container of strawberry margaritas with colorful straws inviting any and all to slurp out its contents (you should guard your straws vigilantly!) and make your way to the main dance area where people are having champagne showers spraying contests across the "room" as the beats thump and reverberate in your ears.

You'll dance out in the open-air to this view while marveling at how much more stunning the sunset looks when you're drenched in champagne and sipping a mojito.

Everyone agrees. 

A few notes about the Hula-Hula party: I think you should trust me when I say you should get there as soon as you dock in Hvar or Palmižana. While I was there, there was a bit of a rivalry going on between two opposite tables, so they would order buckets of 5-6 pink champagne bottles to spray at each other across the crowd. You'll get wet, so wear a swimsuit and coverup, or opt for clothes that you won't mind getting sticky. Sunscreen and a hat is the other necessary attire for the day-turn-night, so bring those as well. Don't even think about wearing high anything, not even wedges, because you'll be doing a lot of walking. 

After the party, it's nice to meander through the town (in our case, a necessity because the water taxis were 10 miles away, or so it seemed). There are many glorious restaurants on the road, but I'll talk more about that tomorrow. Until then- oh, I'll probably muck this up- vidimo se kasnije!

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