Monday, July 15, 2013

The Yacht Week: Day 3

 You'll want to leave the harbor early the next day. Trust me.

We were the first boat to get out of there and sail to Brac where an incredible WWII submarine pen is situated.

A submarine pen is a bunker created to protect submarines from air attack. Nowadays, it serves as a delightful home for bats and a stunning place to anchor and splash around. 

The waters near this area are the clearest, most glorious shades of aquamarine I'd ever seen. 

We were the first boat to arrive so we motored right into the prime position at the heading of the submarine pen.

Again, the waters. How can they be so clear?!

A photo of our yacht taken by me from the dinghy.

The inside of the submarine pen.

We sat down to lunch.

Cold cuts of prosciutto, salami, and various cheeses...

...hearty chunks of bread...

...luscious green grapes...

...juicy cherry tomatoes...

...briny mini pickles and olives...

...sweet banana slices...

...and a crumbly gorgonzola cheese with a thick blue vein. So simple yet absolutely delicious!

After lunch, we set to blowing up some more floaties. We had bought a floating bar with chairs.

 Constantin took on the task of inflating Ollie the Orca.

Soon after lunch, other boats started to arrive, making it considerably more crowded.

Jumping from the top (about 20 meters) will require nerves of steel.

I was happy to just take photos of the daredevils. Nothing could have induced me to jump from there. YOLO= you only live once. Once. Then you've got nothing. This serves more as a warning to me than anything else.

We put the monkey to work as bartender and paddled around in the clear turquoise waters.

Someone from the other boats had some dye and turned the waters an emerald green.

After the submarine pens, we stopped by some caves (but I have no photos), and then hurried to Komiža. We anchored the boat a little off-shore, but since we didn't have a harbor, there was no electricity and water refill at this port. Make sure you take your shower the night before or wait the day after if your water tanks are low! We had arrived relatively early, so rode the dinghy around and got friendly with other non-Yacht Week boats (a boat full of German coworkers at BMW, for example), and then made and ate dinner on the boat watching the sun set. 

Don't let the serene face fool you.

He's a dancing bear!

The Yacht Week party this night is at the beach club Aquarius. We had to take a water taxi to the port (about 40 kunas per person round trip) and then walk maybe about 30-45 minutes up a giant, rocky hill to get to the party. The adventure is totally worth it. As you do with beach parties, make sure to wear a bikini with shorts or a sundress because this party in particular had such close quarters that the likelihood of you getting sprayed in the eyeball with the multitudinous champagne showers going on is very high. Girls, get on the shoulders of the tallest boy there and shake your groove thing! It's a great time to be had, as evidenced by my lack of photos- I was too busy having fun!

Til tomorrow!


  1. wow the sea looks amazing! very jealous


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