Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Yacht Week: Day 2

Even though the days leading up to Yacht Week had been gloomily drizzly, the next day broke with a clear, cloudless sky and sunshine. 

We immediately set upon the task of making the yacht look as ridiculous as possible.

All the skippers returning from their daily skipper meeting.

The harbor filled with the Yacht Week boats. 

We prepared a simple breakfast of cold cuts (salami, ham) and cheeses (something square and yellow-y as well as a mozzarella)

Pickles, olives, and salt. I love briny eats on the sea!

Normann got a bit friendly with the monkey.

Our (real) skipper Alec and (pretend) skipper Julian.

Application of sunscreen saves skin!

Time for a dip in the ocean!

We pulled him along with the yacht.

We neared our next harbor of Vis for that afternoon/night.

Chef Julian prepared a simple salad with corn, olives, bell peppers, and tuna and feta for those so inclined.

I was very much inclined.

The ratio of feta cheese to the rest of the food on my plate is rather embarrassing. I do love cheese though!

We had entered Vis harbor relatively early so we lounged topside on the yacht at the harbor, watching the people walk by. In the mornings, there is, very conveniently, a fresh fruit and vegetable market directly across where the yachts sit, and a wee stand selling specialized Croatian salted/cured meats and various different types of cheese. Very convenient to literally jump off your boat and walk three steps to buy your fresh fruits in the morning!

For dinner that night, though, we booked tables to a fabulous restaurant that our skipper recommended for us, so put on some semblance of proper clothing and ventured on land.

Alec was quite excited about this.

Walking through the city is definitely breathtaking. The sun was just beginning to dip below the horizon, bathing all the paved streets with a soft glow. Not a lot of rowdy, drunk tourists spoil the picture as you venture further into the island.

The silhouettes of the trees and boats in the twilight was just spectacular.

Vila Kaliopa was the restaurant Alec had recommended to us, and it did not disappoint. 

We were seated in the garden, which contributed to the romantic ambience, and while the setting may be quaint, the staff is very precise, proper, and informative. 

The restaurant really gives meaning to "fresh fish of the day". They bring the different types of fresh fish they have available and describe them in great detail. 

They dispense with tangible menus here so the servers will come and list all the available specials of the day. The number of available choices is not copious, which leads me to believe that if they've been cooking the same few things for a while, they must be experts, and hence, my dear Watson, the food must be good. This turned out to be truth. I had a very delicious cream scampi soup as my appetizer and the grilled dorade, a succulent white fish (and also my favorite type of fish) as my main, with some excellent vegetables on the side (sorry, forgot which type of veggies! Some form of spinach and potatoes...). The patron of this establishment sent over to us several shots of local Croatian liqueur, which went down very nicely with the delicious food. I would definitely recommend this restaurant (not because of the shots!), but make sure you reserve in advance as they have an excellent reputation as being one of the best restaurants in town. 

After our dinner, we rolled back to our yacht (and passed an outdoor movie being screened! how cute!) and drank a bit on board before heading to the Yacht Week-thrown party of the night. Some notes but unfortunately no photos:  the party this night will be epic. ETV (European Travel Ventures, the creators of Yacht Week) leased an old castle/fortress for the next 99 years, and are currently in the process of renovating the area for full-on parties.

Getting there is a hassle. You find out around this night that the clubs/night events are, annoyingly, not disclosed as being ridiculously far away from the harbor and that there are always extra charges for getting there, whether it’s via water taxis or, in the case of this night, a 20 minute van ride up a massive cliff. The reason is that the open-air atmosphere is not really appreciated by the locals on the islands, so the noise complaints drove ETV to find unique albeit far-off venues to host their parties. 

This party does not disappoint, and I would definitely recommend getting a table. The setting is breathtaking and the music is sensational. You'll just have to see it for yourself ^_~

The next day has quite a few insanely gorgeous photos, so stay tuned!

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