Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Yacht Week: Day 1

We awoke the next morning at Filomena Spa and Lifestyle Club in Split, Croatia and walked through our rooms that opened out into the pool and terrace. 

There was even a telescope to peer out into the stars, a feature that we, in our exhausted state, failed to notice the night before. 

Bikini- Zara // Shirt- H&M // Shorts- Zara // Wedges- Korean shop // Hat- Korean shop

 A quick breakfast of bread, cheese, eggs, butter, fruits, and juices to sustain us through a very hefty grocery shopping at the local mall. 

After we shopped for essentials, we headed toward Kremik/Sibenik, which is the charter base of all the yachts. We met up with our skipper Alec amidst a steady drizzle, and ate a long lunch at the marina while we awaited our boat to be finished cleaning by the Croatian dock crew. The cleaning, paperwork, and deposit payments took quite a while, about 2-3 hours, so be prepared to spend all day Saturday taking care of these tasks. 

After all the paperwork was done, we headed to the boat! 

Details: we opted for one of the largest yachts available that could comfortably fit 8 people plus 1 skipper. Our boat, named Victory, had 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a kitchen, a refrigerator + freezer, a living room/dining area, a tv, dishwasher (that didn't work...) all underneath the boat.

Living room area that barely saw any usage because we opted to be topside for eating in the sunshine.

Fully equipped kitchen with microwave/oven, utensils, pots, pans, dishes, cutlery, etc all provided.

The skipper had to go through the boat with the harbor manager (?) going through the checklist. This happens before the week starts and at the end of the week in order to ascertain which damages, if there are any, are our responsibility to be deducted from our yacht deposit.

Bedroom #1 (can sleep 2)

Bedroom #2 (also sleeps 2)

"Master" bedroom, of which there were two. It very comfortably slept two. The best part of the boat were all these amazing nooks and crannies that could hold all your stuff if you fully wanted to unpack. There was a surprisingly large amount of storage for what you would consider a tight space. I found it incredibly cozy and fun. HOWEVER, this is why they tell you to leave your suitcases at home and bring a smooshy bag- there is very little space for a solid square suitcase. You need to be able to smoosh your stuff into a corner. 

Bathroom with shower. The cabinet opens to reveal the toilet paper dispenser, and there is a storage compartment behind the mirror and to the right side. It was so roomy that you could have fit in about 15 makeup cases here.

 I would definitely recommend that you splurge and get a roomier yacht because it was such a comfort to have your own space. When you're living aboard a boat with 7 other people and have to be around them 24/7, a little personal space is very psychologically soothing.

The mast.

A Titanic moment... while still docked in the harbor ha.

Fancy sailing apparatus that I still have no idea what function it serves. An astrolabe?

King Normann- ladies, get at him!

Checking and then tying up the dinghy (a smaller boat that you attach the motor to and use as a satellite vehicle).

 Popping the champagne to celebrate sailing off!

A Sperry moment. Sperry is one of the official sponsors of Yacht Week.

We were one of the first boats to sail off, and it was already around 6 or 7PM by the time everything had been checked and all groceries + luggage carried on board and stowed.

Our skipper Alec. Booking a skipper is optional if you participate in Yacht Week, but it's pretty much mandatory. Even if you know how to sail and have a license, you don't want to be the sober one responsible for everyone's lives and a multi-million yacht, would you?

 Tipsily navigating through all the ropes and dangly things. My first priority this week was not to die, because alcohol + ocean + boat = potential accidents. You might want to prioritize that as well.

We hoisted our flags (German, American, and Nation of Drunk Pirates) and toasted as we sailed off into the horizon.

 Aaaaand sailing off! You'll be caught up in the magic and novelty of sailing, so embrace it. Take loads of pictures and revel in the salty air and open seas. 

You'll anchor at Marina Frapa the first night if you're on the Croatian Black Route. We chose to eat out this night at a restaurant fairly close to the official Yacht Week party venue, and the food was okay, not spectacular. I neglected to take photos. 

The party scheduled this night by Yacht Week was in an area with a pool that no one got into. Most of the night is spent waiting for an underground club downstairs to open at 1AM. I chose to forgo this underground club party but heard it was a full-on mess, reminiscent of high school prom: filled with awkward glances across the room, grinding and messy drunkenness. Take that as you will. 

I would recommend skipping the pool + club in lieu of drinking on your boat and migrating around, chatting with your neighbors as you get to know them- you will be bumping into them at every marina for a week, so this is a much cozier option that will set you up perfectly for the rest of the week. 

And the adventure continues tomorrow...

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