Friday, July 12, 2013

The Yacht Week: Day 0

I know you've all been clamoring for the blogposts on my Yacht Week experience, so my apologies for the posts being two weeks late! Between traveling from Croatia to Germany, going from Germany to Korea, and adjusting my bio-rhythms to cross-continental time zone differences, I've been in no shape to properly sort through photos and write about such a fabulous experience to do it justice. To think I thought there was a chance to live-blog from the boat in Croatia... phoah. 

To minimize confusion, I've decided to organize these blogposts to be published on the day that they happened... albeit two weeks later. So, everything happened exactly two weeks ago. Keep that in mind if you're planning your own Yacht Week trip to Croatia and want to know the routes and pit stops made along the way!

A group of us four in Seoul initially planned and excitedly awaited booking day back on December 1. The Croatia Black Route was decided for Week 27 (the first week of Yacht Week Croatia) and responsible parties stayed up all night trying to book the best yacht possible. Editor's note: I was not one of the responsible parties. I'll get into details on the boat we snagged in TYW: Day 1 blogpost, but this is about Day 0: the journey there. 

Because of the amount of luggage and extra goodies like floats, personalized t-shirts, sunglasses, gidgets and gadgets that we had, we decided that driving together to Croatia from Germany in one giant van would be better than purchasing individual flight tickets there. We rented a massive 9-seater Ford Transit and all met up in Munich to drive together through Austria, Slovenia, and all along the coast of Croatia to get to Split. 

An essential stop at Burger King garnered us the crowns we needed for our boat theme of "Château Bateau".

Kings and queens in the Ford Transit... sexy.

The Alps were visible for our drive down.

An absolutely vital Orangina Rouge in what I believe is Slovenia. 

Coca Cola... or nasmejane.

We think somewhere along the route, a wrong way was taken, and thus the predicted 8-hour drive took us 12+ hours. It didn't help that we needed about 50 stops for bathroom and cigarette breaks. A tip: travel with non-smokers or tell them to invest in nicotine patches/gum. Their lungs- and yours- will thank you. (A disclaimer: I used to smoke regularly, a half-pack a day, for two years, and quit. Best decision of my life. It's a nasty little habit.)

Local folk relax around the local watering hole and chat about weather, life, and all these crazy tourists.

Normann taking self-shots. My face in the background says it all ^_~ 

Gorgeously quaint little towns are nestled amongst the vast mountains and valleys. 

I'd love to go back and leisurely travel through these mountains, exploring all the romantic little towns seemingly untouched by modernity, stuck in 1995.

Clearly we were all a little antsy from the ridiculously long ride. At least, I was. Hence, a little dancing exercise was in order. 

We had started off around noon-ish from Munich on Friday and arrived at the fabulous Filomena Spa and Lifestyle Club around 1AM the next day. We were scheduled to meet up with our skipper at the marina around 3PM Saturday. Exhausted, butts numb from the drive, excited about the week to follow, we fell into our beds and tried to contain our squeals of excitement about the next day! More on that tomorrow!


  1. Exciting!! Can't wait to see the rest of your posts!

    1. Thank you Nichola! There will be about, oh you know, 7 more posts, so you can get your fill haha! xxx

  2. Enjoyed reading it, babe!Looking forward to your next article on the boat! It says Croatia is absolutely stunning with its beaches.

    1. Definitely a place I must go and explore properly, Anna! I'd seen plenty of ocean, but not enough Croatian bits of land!

  3. I stumbled upon your post whilst researching Yacht Week! Great blog btw. I'm trying out the origins face wash and the kiehls masque after reading your review! But I had a few questions about yacht week if you don't mind. ^_^ How far in advance did you and your crew book? And why did you guys end up choosing Croatia? Planning on going next year? It looks like you had an amazing time!


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