Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Restaurant Review: Theresa Restaurant (Munich, Germany)

Alright, it's time to let you all in on the biggest secret I've been keeping. 

The best restaurant in Munich.

My favorite place to go. 

The most amazing, juicy, rich cuts of meat you'll ever have dissolve on your mouth. 

The reason I missed one of my flights back to Korea. 

Restaurant Theresa. 

SHHHHHH. Don't go telling everyone. Reservations are hard enough to get at this place as it is. 

I've blogged about this place before but every time I visit, my love for it grows.

Theresa Restaurant.

Their menu can be described as hearty classic, I suppose, with fares like green bean salad, linguine, and cheeseburgers. 

I ordered a strawberry-rhubarb juice but it was a meh. 

Their bread basket comes in a smooshy canvas bag, and all their sauces are homemade: BBQ, mayonnaise, ketchup, and their yummy chives sour cream.

I ordered a medium-well cheeseburger made with bacon, cheddar cheese, onions, lettuce, and the house french fries.

The beef patty comes smothered in the cheddar cheese, and the bacon is plentiful and savory. The onions give a nice crunch, and I like to douse my sesame-toasted bun with the homemade BBQ sauce to add a bit of zing.

The fries are lovely when dipped in the chives+sour cream homemade sauce.

My dining partner had a steak cooked medium. I love their presentation of the steaks- really rustic on a cutting board with the garlic butter tucked into the nook on the upper right-hand side. It makes you feel slightly caveman-esque, not even bothering with chinaware because you're so ravenous that you need to eat it RIGHT NAOW.

I always love to order their green beans with onions and bacon. It's incredibly flavorful and they give you so much in one portion that it's really quite difficult for two people to attempt to finish.

A cuppa chai latte, housemade, always ends the meal on a lighter note. I've never had dessert here before because I've always gotten too full on the appetizers and the mains but don't you worry, I'll make sure to sample their sweets and breakfast menu with thoroughness... for research purposes, of course ^_~

So if you fancy eating some of the best steak/meat/burgers you've ever had in your life, I would recommend Theresa Restaurant. Tell them I sent you, and have a juicy cheeseburger for me!

Dinner reservations are almost impossible to get, but brunch/lunch can be doable if you a) go a bit early, b) beat the crowds on the weekends, and c) are okay with waiting for seating. 

Theresien Strasse 29
+49 (0) 89-2880-3301

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  1. I'll swap you an amazing restaurant in London ;)



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