Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Product Review: Korres Hair Treatment

Traveling back and forth from a humid and hot Korea to a damp and wet Europe had wrought havoc on my hair. It was lifeless, dull, and needed a pick-me-up. I snagged Korres' Treatment Against Oily Dandruff/ Dry Scalp Hair from the nearest pharmacy and put it to the test.

 On a side note, could Korres not come up with a catchier name for this product? The long-winded name does give me a clear description of what it's supposed to do, but still...

The green silt helps cleanse the scalp skin and remove the flakes and excess oils. It's great for oily hair, dandruff or dry scalp hair, which may seem like a contradiction but definitely has occurred before for me, especially when exposing my hair to different elements from day to day.

You squeeze about a tablespoon's amount on your hand and massage it into your wet scalp roots, leaving it in for about 10 minutes while it works its magic, and then rinse, shampoo, and condition the other parts of your hair. 

It's recommended to be used once or twice a week, but after one use, my scalp was looking really healthy and clean, but more importantly, the oils had receded so the bottom part of my hair wasn't looking greasy and wet. As for the lustre part of my hair care, I used another Korres product, but I'll do a different product review on that later. I just know that this product will last me FOREVER because I only use it as needed. I love that it's so effective that a little goes a long way! While it certainly doesn't FEEL like it's working when you rub it in because there isn't any foaming or lathering, it shows its efficacy in the final effect of your hair's appearance, so for me, it's absolutely worth the 12 Euros it cost. 

A note: in the US, it's marketed under a different name and bottle- Korres Green Silt and Corallina Oligoelements Hair and Scalp Scrub. No less wordy and no less descriptive. They need a catchier name for it, methinks. 

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