Monday, June 10, 2013

Product Review: Caudalíe Vinosource Quenching Sorbet-Crème

Well! From all the recent blogs I've posted, you might be thinking that all I do is travel and eat. I know it's been a tad bit heavy on the travel and restaurant review/food side of things, and a little lacking in the beauty/fashion department. I'll try to keep it balanced in the future by scheduling more beauty and fashion before I leave again for Europe.

I'd previously mentioned here that one of my all-time favorite face moisturizers in the summer was the Origins Starting Over Oil-Free Moisturizer. I'd loved its lightweight formula and also used its sister (brother?) product Origins Drinkup Intensive Overnight Mask as my heavy-duty face moisturizer in the winter. While both those products are lovely and still remain tried-and-trues, I've been experimenting a lot with Caudalíe, Nuxe, and Melvita since those products entered South Korea. One of the products that I've come to love (enough to have it in one of my giveaways!) is the Caudalíe Vinosource Quenching Sorbet-Crème. It's a long name for a simple but beautiful product.

One of the qualities that I must have in a summer moisturizer is its weight. South Korea experiences hot, sticky, humid temperatures, and seem to be getting hotter as the years go on, thank you global warming. You can't really walk around anywhere aboveground from mid-May until the humidity gets to your face and your makeup starts running off. You have to be really clever and find the lightest creams possible so that you won't start looking like an Edvard Munch painting by midday. I suppose that's why BB creams really got their massive start in Korea (another reason being Korean society's emphasis on fresh and minimal makeup).

Caudalíe Vinosource Quenching Sorbet-Crème comes out of the tube with the texture of soufflé or mousse and simply melts into my skin. After gliding the product onto my face, I smell a slightly sweet but very light fragrance, which is artificially added, but doesn't bother me in the slightest. It smells a bit like grapes to me.

It's sulphate/synthetic dye/petrochemicals/paraben/petroleum free and the grape extract that Caudalíe has in its formula is antioxidant rich. I have combination skin and it works beautifully on all areas of my face, and surprisingly doesn't make my T-zone (my oil-prone area) any more oily than it is, and keeps my cheeks and chin (my dry-prone areas) hydrated and smooth.

The long, thin plastic container is perfect for traveling.

I know that Singapore, Philippines, and Indonesia also have incredibly hot climates, so this product is also perfect for you!

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