Saturday, June 22, 2013

OOTD: Here I Come, Europe!... Again...

 I'm off to Europe this afternoon! I had to move work super early in the morning (8AM >_<) so that I could make my flight. This is me clutching onto my iced hazelnut coffee for dear life. 

I've got my Macbook Air, Lumix, Kindle, iPhone, mini cosmetics case, jewelry, passport, chargers all jam-packed into my Tory Burch bag. You can tell that sucker is about to explode. 

Shirt- H&M // Shoes- Zara // Sneakers- Random Korean shop // Bag- Tory Burch

And how much are we in love with my Comme des Garçons-esque nails? I've done them before but I decided they would be perfect for my trip because when the nail grows in, it's not that noticeable because of the clear nail polish space left near the cuticles. 

Ho boy, I am ready to do some damage at Duty Free at ICN! And excited about Europe again. See you in another time zone!

PS! The Summer Essentials Giveaway is CLOSED! Jennifer McElroy was randomly chosen! I've already sent an email Jennifer :) Thank you all for participating, and I'll have a Korean beauty product(s) giveaway next time, so keep your eyes peeled for that!


  1. Ohh, how exciting! Where in Europe are you going? :)

  2. Really love your nails! So cute! Where in Europe are you going? You should definitely try to get your hands on the Naked palette whilst you're there! Have a safe and happy trip! xox

    xo Emily | Honey Loaf


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