Friday, June 7, 2013

Lifestyle: Memorial Day Pool Party

After spending three weeks in rainy, cold Europe,
imagine my relief/annoyance to arrive to a Korea that was sticky, humid, and hot.

Annoyed face... but also because the taxi driver was incredibly slow.

I can't complain about hot weather though! We had a rooftop pool to go to for the the South Korean Memorial Holiday yesterday!

It was incredibly crowded.

How I felt about that...

Rasmus working on his gun show. 

How I felt about THAT...

Obligatory shot of knees here.

Andres had gotten a little too much sun in the morning so kept his shirt on.

Let's not forget South Korea's Memorial Day isn't all BBQs and rooftop pool parties but a day to commemorate the brave men and women who gave their lives for Korea while in military service so that South Koreans may live their lives in freedom and enjoy the benefits of a capitalist market, while North Koreans languish and starve under their repressive totalitarian dictators. Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day, wherever your part of the world is!

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