Sunday, June 9, 2013

Lifestyle: Europa Park

*As you're reading this post, I'm heading to another theme park but this time in Korea. How fitting! I'll blog about that later, but until then, enjoy this one!*

As a child, my parents took me to every amusement park and circus that was available on whichever continent we lived on at the time. Thus, it is not very much a surprise that as an adult, a trip to Europa Park became imperative for me.

Their mascot is also a mouse... but a European mouse. Naturally. When did mice become so popular with the theme park mascot creators?

The park is divided into different countries within Europe and all their stereotypical trappings. This Icarus perched above a food stand in the Greece section of Europa Park.

I believe I was in Russia here. 

Oh it was definitely Russia. Snowballs are only this big in Russia, you know.

Clown in the middle of... maybe this was Spain because they kept playing "The Ketchup Song" over and over again while he tried very valiantly to twist his balloons. 

I got a... dog! Elephant? 

Dangerous candied goods. Look at all that sugar!

Acrobats jumped into a teeny pool with skis on. 

I think this was intentional- this was in "Scandinavia", it was the ONLY hot dog stand I saw in all of Europa Park, and I don't recall hot dogs being a staple of Scandinavia, do you?

Erm... Vikings and krakens = Norway?

Best ride ever! Upside down, topsy turvy! The more inclined I am to upchuck my lunch, the better I like the ride!

We ran into a bear...

Just kidding, it's me!

I appreciate these details on the ceilings of "Scandinavia", though. I mean, who did they think would look at the ceilings? That is attention to detail, I tell you.

We had gyros in Greek and fried fish in Scandinavia. The batter was a bit hard but they did give us 6 tablespoons of tartar sauce to compensate.

Clowns on stilts telling us to get the heck out of there. 

I managed to snag a picture with the European mouse himself before I left.

Europa Park is kind of in the middle of nowhere, very close to the border of France and Germany, and everything inside the park is inflated up the wazoo, as all resort parks are wont to do (they get you in and then they force you to purchase their €7,50 water bottle unless you want to die of thirst). Would I come back? Maybe with some little ones in tow to see their eyes grow big in amazement. I loved the rides but there are way too many pushy, angsty teens running around trying to cut lines. Tsk. 

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