Saturday, June 1, 2013

Lifestyle: A Day at the Racetracks

*This was from when I was still in Germany! Kisses from Prague!*
We went to the Blisterberg Race Tracks in Bad Driburg for the weekend. Beyond the usual 80-120 kmph I  go on my TT, the only experience I've had of fast cars is when the boy steps on the gas pedal entirely too quickly on the Autobahn or when taking curves. 

This was a different experience altogether. The view of the race track from the balcony.

This race track has all sorts of twists and curves that take your breath away, as well as one high hill that you suspend from for what seems like an eternity when you take the jump at high speeds. 

First aid responders.

In the car about to go for a spin! There is more drifting to be done in the rain when there is less traction ^_____^. 

Grilled pork with rich gravy, creamy potato gratin, and crunchy green asparagus.

 I love catering.

Even the bathrooms were for racing girls only ^_~

Cute weekend in a cute village on a race track in the middle of nowhere! I love these random weekends!

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