Friday, June 28, 2013

Life Lately: Smelling the Roses

Hello pets! Updating regularly is a bit difficult when you're living life in another country but I'm doing the best I can! Here are a few photos of my life, lately:

There are roses galore in Germany, in various shades of blushing pink, oranges, and corals. 

Painting the roses red.

The most delicious crispy anchovies at a restaurant called Granada. This was the perfect meal to snack on while reading in the sunshine.

Tomato paste on crispy (burnt) bread aka their version of bruschetta. 

Love my The Hatters customized rings!

Got this gorgeous swimsuit from Agent Provocateur; they're just begging to be worn. 

I am super in love with these Climacool sneakers from Adidas. They are unbelievably light, breathable, and the color is just so striking!

This gentleman brought a loaf of bread to feed the pigeons in the town square. So sweet!

I thought this plant looked nice. Too bad I have a black thumb and kill everything green around me. 

This round lamp looked nice with my multi-colored strings. I'm doing a DIY project with them, I'll post a tutorial soon!

Brought these bracelets from Korea- the neon colors are just perfect fun for summer!

Also perfect for summer? YSL's Corail Colisee nail lacquer. It adds a beautiful coral pop to my nails! I'm rocking these on the way to Croatia. 

So tomorrow kicks off my Summer Essentials Beauty Product series, aptly named "I'm on a Yacht" Series because I will literally be on a yacht for a week. All the posts are scheduled appropriately, but I may interrupt the scheduled programming to give updates on my trip in Croatia. Stay tuned!

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  1. Love these pictures and that swimsuit looks gorgeous! Hope you're having an amazing time!

    xo Emily | Honey Loaf


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