Monday, June 3, 2013

Life Lately: Photo Diary Europe

*This is a scheduled post!*

I've been running around Prague, Czech Republic for the long weekend, but I will also be flying out of Munich on Sunday, and with the time difference, will land in Seoul on Monday. While in flight, I thought I'd take some photos I haven't shown yet on this blog and make a photo diary. Yay! Some of them are chronologically skewed but you get the gist of what'd happened in my life lately ^_~

Taking THE most relaxing hot bath. My nails are Chanel's Bel-Argus, which is fast becoming one of my favorite Chanel nail colors. 

So many spice goodies at the Volksfest! You'd better believe that I stocked up on tzatziki (cucumber and yogurt sauce) spices to make my own homemade gyros in Korea... recipes coming up soon!

Gemstones and feathers to custom-make your own necklaces and bracelets. 

I was tempted to buy some of these leather bracelets but then I remembered a drawerful of similar-like bracelets that I had awaiting me in Korea... I need to wear more of my jewelry, but I only have two wrists, you know. 

I took a bit of a break with this diced apple filled bread, unsweetened cream, and latte macchiato. The bread was a bit too dough-y.

Testing their shooting skills. 

I was won some flowers! 

Sequined black sweater- Korean shop // Aqua jeans- Zara // Black studded hightops- Zara // Tote- Louis Vuitton

A bit of sun was welcome after days of rain. 

These flowers look almost real. 

A most delicious fried fish with tartar sauce. I don't understand why the bread is there. I just take it off and enjoy the fish and sauce alone. Strange Germans need bread on everything. 

I found a trio of these incredibly large photos hanging in the hotel of where we ate breakfast. It boggles my mind how such a nice hotel would have such... eccentric photographs hanging above the patrons' heads. 

Why are they sitting on a mass of corn? Why are they sitting on red wire mesh metal chairs? What is with the socks worn with the Mary Janes? That hair? The sunglasses? Someone explain this to me!

We attempted to go to a privately owned art museum but they were closed for the day :(

Gray skies followed us back down to the south of Germany. 

Here they come!

Stopped by Darmstadt on the way to Karlsruhe (and Europa Park!). It brought back some memories!

These boots have saved my little toes from a wet and squishy death so many times, I can't even count. And the letterman jacket? So soft, so warm... and guess where I got it? The men's section in Marc O'Polo. The men's small hangs casually and comfortably for the cold days I hadn't anticipated when packing for Europe. 

Gorgeous green dome in Darmstadt's Luisenplatz. 

We were treated to a homemade dinner by the boy's parents on the way to Bad Driberg. Salad...

...two different types of potato salads (mustard and mayonnaise based)...

...and the most exquisite fried fish in a crispy spiced batter, tender and soft white skin on the inside. Perfect with a squish of lemon!

The spread. Yumz.

Dessert was vanilla pudding with basil and loads of fresh strawberries...

...which was topped with homemade whipped cream with vanilla bits. So frothy and good!

Memo to self: must learn to make crispy battered fish, mustard-based potato salad, gyros, and homemade whipped cream with vanilla bean. Those are on my to-do list for this summer!

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