Saturday, June 1, 2013

Life Lately: Hello from Prague!

Hello from Prague! It's the long weekend in Catholic countries, with the weekend starting on Thursday, so we decided to pop over to Prague to do a little sight-seeing. I'd been there as a small child when it was still Czechoslovakia with my parents on the hunt for chandeliers. I remember just being bored out of my mind in all the crystal chandelier shops, and playing with my marionette. I thought it was time to see Prague as an adult, and see how it's changed!

Starbucks in Prague. I think I'll do a little "Starbucks in Every Country" photo series. 

Do you speak Czech?

It was a bit rainy but there was this marvelous center in the city square where you can get all sorts of foods from food stands... and we all know how I feel about food stands!

Look at that meat roasting!

These dolls looked a bit creepy but apparently the Czech Republic is known for their puppetry/marionette products.

Some traditional Czech food served with ketchup, cheese, and garlic. I had already eaten a gyro so none of it for me!

Bits and odds. 

These flowers were so beautiful! Does anyone know what they're called?

They remind me of cups.

More beauties.


Mini paintings!

Dead animals!

Church where the Prague Astronomical Clock is located. It's the oldest one still working in the world.

Beautiful gold details.

More buildings...

...and more buildings...

I loved the drawings on the side of this building. 

A closer view shows several plots going on. It's like a Grecian vase but on a building. 

We had a snack at a lovely establishment called "U kata", which I believe translates to "The Hangman". How did I know this, you ask?

Hangman here.

Hangman there.

Totally appetizing massive mural of a hanging here. 

A closeup reveals the enthusiasm of the crowd.

Other hangman paraphernalia here and there. 

We decided some Czech beers would lighten the morbid atmosphere in the pub.

Beers and I are not the best of friends. 

So you know me! Prague ham and cheese lifted my spirits up considerably more than the beer.

We'll be here for a few more days, so here's hoping for better weather when we tour around some more tomorrow! Sbohem!

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