Sunday, June 30, 2013

I'm On A Yacht Series: Riemann P20 Once-a-Day Sun Oil

I personally cannot stand self-tanner. I hate the stain that gets on my pillows, bedsheets, clothes... ugh! I'd rather be pale... but why be pale when you've got glorious sun?! There is nothing better than soaking in the sun rays while reading a book, and going for a dip in the pool/ocean when you get too hot. I am well aware of the dangers of UV exposure and tanning, and while I don't condone getting to the point of Valentino's dried-up leather-face look, I do like a bit of a golden glow about me that I just can't fake with self-tanner. 

I honestly didn't think that "tanning" and "SPF/skin protection" could be realistically conjoined into one gorgeous little product but here we are. I present to you Riemann's P20

I read about this in Rosie's blog and thought that I'd give it a whirl. I chose the SPF 10 version because I fully intended to be a golden shade all over for the duration of summer. 

So I took this for a test run in Thailand in April and in subsequent trips to the waterpark and pool. Directions are standard: apply evenly throughout the body and wait 15 minutes for the magic to activate. 

The consistency is like an oil, so I was a bit "meh, it's just a tanning oil". I didn't expect for this product to actually protect me from the sun, but boy was I wrong. 

My skin has an alright tolerance to sun, but I will get sunburned after about 5 hours straight in the sun without protection. I remember some truly gruesome burns I've gotten in the past, once in Indonesia where I neglected to remember that as it is very close to the Equator, sun exposure is direct and fierce. I resembled a lobster for the duration of my trip. Thailand is a bit more north than Indonesia, but when I was there, I applied this once ONLY in the morning, and lo-and-behold, no burn, just a good, even tan. 

It soaks in right away. It's waterproof and lasts for 10 hours on your skin so basically you apply it once in the morning and you are free to frolic for the rest of the day. Perfection.

I can't rave about this product enough. It's perfect for those holidays where you just don't want to worry about reapplication and carrying around your sunblock all day. A 20 (here) and 30 (here) SPF version is available for you folks that have translucent skin. 

Do you tan naturally? Or do you use self-tanning products?

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