Friday, June 21, 2013

Hair: Aveda Salon Orang Hair

Ever since I started college, I've been exclusively going to salons that only used Aveda products. My favorite salon in Atlanta, Georgia was Key Lime Pie, and while I admit that the name was a factor in my being initially drawn to the salon, their devotion to Aveda products kept me going. Even when I moved to Korea, I sought out salons that only used Aveda products, and while it was hard at first, more and more salons are starting to convert and use Aveda products. 

One salon near where I work is in Rodeo Drive. Not the one in California sillies! but the one modeled after that famous one, located in Seoul, in the ritzy area of Apgujeong, across from my fave department store Galleria. Seoulites will be familiar with Rodeo Drive, as will tourists to Seoul. It's a shopping mecca that can't be missed. I digress. So in my search for an Aveda salon, I found one that I had misgivings about the name of, but beyond that minor issue, has been an absolute haven for my hair. 

I present to you: Orang Hair. I know. The name kills me. I've asked if they forgot the "e" in "Orange" and they admitted that they thought it was spelled correctly. That's Konglish for you.

Interior is eclectic, with a hodge-podge of romantic florals and wooden chairs.

A cold refreshing cup of iced herbal tea! Love my new Marc Jacobs iPhone case!

Usually I get a shampoo and blowout, and on a few occasions, big bouncy curls or a sleek flat-ironed look. This time I went for some highlights to transition my already dip-dyed hair into a lighter appearance for summer. 

I always go to Jane. She speaks a teeny weeny bit of English. That's her in the reflection taking my photo heehee!

Something about Aveda in my hair just works. I've had other products used in the dying/highlighting/washing process of my tresses, but those indiscretions were few and regretted shortly thereafter. 

And... done! I got bouncy curls too, just 'cause ^_~. 

Bag- Zara // Shirt- Zara // Shorts- Zara // Shoes- Toms

Aveda is a company that I love to support because of their work with tribes in sustaining their heritage/environment. They have an on-going partnership with the Yawanawa Tribe in the Amazon area in Brazil, helping them bring awareness to the pervasive loss of their rainforest home. Aveda also financed the construction of and training for a babassu nut processing facility, creating jobs and preserving an important tradition. Aveda also doesn't test their products on animals! All giant karmic goodies in my book!

Orang Hair is in Apgujeong, Seoul. Their phone number is +82 (02) 3445-6000 if you want to give them a whirl!

Who do you trust in your hair? Any good Aveda places near you?


  1. Your hair looks amazing! Its giving me haircut regret!

    1. I cut my hair short about two years and almost died of regret! :(

  2. I love your hair! So pretty! I've never tried any Aveda products but I think I may have to after reading this post! The inside of the salon is so cute! I love it! Really great post!

    xo Emily | Honey Loaf

    1. Thank you Emily! The salon is so quirky on the inside... or maybe they just ran out of ideas and just told all the employees to bring one thing from their home that they didn't like to decorate haha!

  3. Wow, your hair looks amazing! I love those big curls - how were they made? :) xx

    Lifestyle blog by Ang

    1. Thank you Ang! Jane took a 1 inch barrel and made loose curls, and then ran a big brush lightly through to make it look natural. I LOVE this look!

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