Saturday, June 8, 2013

Food: Brunch with Friends

During one of the weekends in Munich, we had gone clubbing at a place called Call Me Drella, a club with a circus theme, complete with performers and creepy clown servers. After a night of vigorous booty shaking, fist pumping, and bottle juggling, we decided the perfect cure would be brunch at Kaisergarten

Baked goat cheese with a sesame crust on top of a tomato-wild garlic salad, dressed in homemade shallot jam. This dish was an absolute cheesy and rich knockout.

Tomato soup with basil, spices and a drizzle of evoo on top. 

 Organic roast pork and two different types of dumpling balls drowned in dark beer sauce.

Veal meatballs with stuffed gruyère cheese, potato salad, dark beer sauce, and the most amazing cranberry-mustard sauce... I am salivating just thinking of that cranberry-mustard sauce! 

Dessert was homemade Bavarian cream with a rhubarb compote and raspberry sauce.

Ladies! This is Normann and he is single, ready to mingle!

A lovely brunch to end a great weekend ^_^

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