Saturday, June 29, 2013

Beauty: Summer Essentials

Hello all! Today is the first day of my weeklong Yacht Week adventure in Croatia! We are a boat of 7 landlubbers + 1 skipper on a massive 12 person yacht joining 30-40 other yachts, going from port to port, sunning and swimming and laughing during the day, getting jiggy with it to the heady sounds of summer during the night.

In anticipation of not having access to steady wifi to blog (I am on a boat in Croatia going from port to port, y'know), I've scheduled a series of product reviews for the upcoming days. The products are my summer essentials that I absolutely cannot live without. They are with me on the yacht, and I picked them carefully as products that I feel are totally crucial to everyone's beauty regimen during the summer. 

The only new item in this photo is the MoroccanOil Hydrating Styling Creme, which like a ninny I'd neglected to depict in the above photo.

I will of course be the first one to hunt down wifi if there is any available at the ports we stop at, and I promise to try my best to update my progress at Yacht Week along the way, if it is humanly possible! Until then, dovidenja!

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