Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Travels: Göttingen, Germany

Top- Zara // Skirt- American Apparel // Sweater- Random Korean Shop // Bag- Alexander Wang // Nails- Chanel Bel-Argus

My time in Europe has been split between lazy days idly strolling through small castles enjoying the sunshine, and trying to avoid being drenched in the sudden downpours that seem to relish catching me unawares. These photos were taken while taking a mini hike up to a small castle- minor fort, really- in Göttingen.

Such greenery can only be enjoyed top down.

Blue skies everywhere!

At the top of the fortress.

The village below. Such quaint charm! 

I'm currently immersed in a Game of Thrones read-a-thon on my Kindle and I had a brief moment of "where would I buttress my cavalry and where are my points of weakness in my defense should the enemy strike" moment. 

I am absolutely certain this is what I'd be wearing if I were a military commander.  

These were some darn good spareribs for a little grill at the top of the "castle".

They have these Mövenpick ice cream sundae booklets everywhere so of course I had to get some.

A dunk of hazelnut ice cream in a mini cuppa of cappucino... delicious!

Later, we had dinner with the boy's parents. I went for steak with fried onions and a fried egg on top.

That yolk! Cheeky!

Beans with bacon.

Rounded off with a sweet lil something.

These are the boy's neighbors.

Glorious view of the church.

I love me a good hustle and bustle of the city and have always been a city girl, but there is something so relaxed and peaceful about the luxuriously slow pace of the countryside. It seems like time stands still, or ticks a half hour slower than the rest of the world, which is perfect for this perpetually late girl ^_~.

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