Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Restaurant Review: Der Pschorr (Munich, Germany)

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of going to Der Pschorr, a restaurant specializing in authentic Bavarian cuisine ideally situated in the center of Viktualienmarkt in Munich.

The weather was a bit cloudy but at the rain held off until after we ate lunch so we snagged a seat outside.

Even the dog was enjoying the food outdoors.

Their beer, the Sternweisse, was their specialty. It's described as an amber-colored, very smooth, unfiltered wheat beer. 

I normally dislike the taste of beer but decided to give it a go!

German beers are so frothy!

Foam mustaches are inevitable. In the end, I found that this was one beer I could tolerate, even drink a majority of, because it was light and left a pleasant aftertaste of wheat and sunshine.

But I wasn't there for the beer! Oh no. I was there for the food!
Creamy veal goulash- "carefully seasoned with paprika and served with buttered spaetzle". Normally, I have moral problems with eating veal, but I was tricked into eating this without knowing what it was, and soon enough, I was falling in love with the soft, buttery meat and tomato-based creamy sauce rolling around in my mouth. 

Crisp salad from the market. It went untouched. 

The spaetzle was pillow-y soft and buttery. Amazing when dunked in the goulash, and the chives give it a crunch.

The Pschorr Brewmaster plate: two hearty slices of warm, cured pork shoulder. It's grated with fresh horseradish, and served with grilled cherry tomatoes, cauliflowers, carrots, and green greens. This was yummy but I preferred my veal. I did love the sliced horseradish on top, it gave it a nice zing!

Potatoes served with rosemary and smothered in onions with bits of bacon. Yum but obviously stomach space was prioritized for dessert. 

Homemade apple fritters dipped in a wheat beer batter, crisply fried, and served with vanilla ice cream. This was seriously heaven on earth. The hot, crispy dough was gooey on the inside, and paired perfectly with the sweet strawberry sauce and cool vanilla ice cream. I could have eaten ten of these. 

This was actually the second time I had eaten here within a two week period- the first time, I didn't take a lot of pictures because I was too busy nomming my face off. We had another item on the menu the first time, the Bavarian Sauerbraten, which was this lovely hearty meat served with a sweet-sour gravy and homemade braised red cabbage. That dish was also to-die-for, and that gravy, I mean! I also was itching to try the chopped beef steak filled with goat cheese, herb-coated beef loin with crisp snow peas, the crème brûlée with homemade praline ice cream... the list goes on. 

The service is quick but you may have a hard time catching the server's attention if you go on the weekends- this place gets packed, and quick! Inside, there are two levels of huge wooden tables and families jam-packed in them, sometimes in their best Bavarian gear, sometimes in their soccer jerseys, but this restaurant is popular for a reason. You can browse their menu here- happy salivating!

Viktualienmarkt 15 80331 
München, Germany
Reservations in advance are recommended: +49 (0) 89 442- 3839- 40

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