Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Product Review: LUSH Gorilla Solid Perfume and Spray Perfume

LUSH Gorilla Perfume in Lust: Perfume usually doesn't work so well with me because my nose is quite sensitive and I start sneezing when I spray anything on my body. I also have a fickle nose and most scents usually don't captivate me enough for me to remember to put it on. All these troubles vanish with LUSH Gorilla Perfume in Lust.

The solid version is great because I rub it on my pressure points and it releases throughout the day in an organic way. The only negative about this perfume is the staining: I have it in both solid and spray form as well, but both stain equally permanently. I found this out first-hand when I sprayed it on my white jeans and three washes later, the red stain is still there. Annoying, but you learn to work around it, just beware! You can see the slight discoloration even on skin in the above photo.

The smell is a sultry smack in the face of jasmine, rose, and ylang ylang notes, which are some of my favorite flowers. There is a hidden depth of sandalwood and vanilla that just glamorizes the scent a bit further, taking it from just a sweet smell to a meeeooow-hello-I'm-here! smell.

Definitely hands-down my signature scent and one that I can smell for hours without getting a headache.

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