Saturday, May 18, 2013

Product Review: Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish

I use to think that body scrubs were a luxury that I could only suffer through when going to saunas or spas. It wasn't so much the price of body scrubs that I resented because there are quite a lot of great quality body scrubs out there for very reasonable prices. It was the annoyance of time and mess- who wants to stand there for twenty minutes, scrubbing every inch of their body, only to be left with a sticky, oily mess in your shower or bathtub? Meh...

Until I got my grubby little hands on this baby. Granted, a huge 400 g jar was a bit excessive without having tested the product first, but the rave reviews made me do it o_0. And boy am I glad I did. This is magic in a jar. One thousand percent gets my full approval and I will be buying and using this product religiously. There are very thick granules of real brown sugar doused in four essential oils of evening primrose, sweet almond, apricot kernel, and jojoba, which does a fabulous job of infusing my body with oil. The oils and the sugar tend to separate over time, so mixing it all up a bit with a finger before application will do the trick to even it out. 

The smell itself makes me want to grab gobs of it and lick it off my fingers, but common sense dictates that this will not be a good idea. You can see the coarseness of the granules here on my finger, but it doesn't feel overly harsh nor does your skin feel like it's been rubbed raw afterward. The smell alone should make this a pleasant experience, but it's actually the results of the scrub on my body that got me hooked. I scrubbed, rinsed off (all the while trying not to slip on the oil in my shower- ladies beware that the oils are difficult to rinse off afterward), and toweled off. I thought, hmm, probably the effects will be my skin feeling more raw and squeaky clean that usual, but oh ho, that's where the difference lies.

I honestly could not stop touching my legs and marveling at how smooth and supple they felt. I didn't even need to put on any body lotion/butter afterward because although the essential oils were a pain to clean up from the crevasses of your shower, on the body they make you feel smoother than a baby's bottom. Through my extensive knowledge of spas and scrubs from different places in the world, I would say that this scrub is definitely worth the hefty $65 USD. The exfoliation and moisturizing aspect gives you the perfect pampering spa experience with DEFINITELY a fraction of the cost, so I would have to say this is on the fast track to becoming a new Holy Grail.

What about you? Any scrubs that you feel are absolutely amazing?

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