Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lifestyle: Volksfest!

It's that time of the year when the weather starts to heat up, the flowers pop out of the ground, the sun beams its smile and runs its warm fingers through your hair!

Or maybe not so much the sun part. "April showers bring May flowers" is not a phrase they made in Germany. But who cares?! I threw on my trusty rain boots (which are getting a LOT of usage during this trip!) and headed out for the local Volksfest!

Wurst in all its glorious forms!

The King valiantly swinging screaming teenagers through pelting drops of rain.

Steaksemmel! Bratwurstsemmel! For some reason, these foods taste SO much better when eaten in the streets, and especially tastier when consumed during festivals. Is this just me?

Fried fish in all its battered deliciousness!

The fishing game!

Of course I had to do it.

I won a whale!

I ate a gyros. My goodness, did I smell like a walking onion after that or what.

Oh my geez. Kaiserschmarrn is literally translated into "emperor nonsense/crumbs/smear" and is a well-known Austrian dessert popular in the Austro-Hungarian/Bavarian areas. They are warm, doughy pieces of sweet pancake bread baked with chopped almonds and rum-soaked raisins, dusted with powdered sugar and served with a side of apple sauce. YUMZ.

The giant beer tent or Festzeit. This is the before...

...and this is the after. 

This is the before...

...gulp gulp gulp...

...and this is the after. 

After one of those Maß (giant mugs), my shiny metallic pink Tory Burch phone case and my Butter London British Racing Green nails started to look verrrrry interesting, so I proceeded to sit there and take loads of photos of my hand.

And the headlining entertainer of the night: Jürgen Milski from Big Brother Germany circa 2000s! 

Jürgen Milski has transformed himself into Mallorca's top performer with hits like "Half Gay" (2005), "Whenever I'm Sad, I Drink a Grain" (2008), and "Oh Tequila" (2008) (thanks to Wikipedia with Google Translate from German to English... I hope none of those song titles were lost in translation ^_~)

I found this absolutely fascinating- do you see the dichotomy here? The youth on the right are in their traditional Bavarian clothes, standing on the tables, stomping and clapping with the folk band. The youth on the left have their hair cut and styled in the latest trendy fashion (buzzed on the side, swept back on top), in their tight tees and leather jackets, sitting down and acting cool. I felt like there was going to be a German version of West Side Story: Teen Years about to bust out any minute.

These young boys were not shy- proudly sporting their suspenders and stomping a bit drunkenly to the music. I LOVE the fact that these youth respect and value their traditions and aren't afraid that it's not too cool for their age. 

Some troublemakers afoot.

Beer is good for digestion and all other ailments. 

 The boy and his colleagues/friends.

After wandering in the drizzle and hubbub of flashing lights, noise, and screams from the outside of the Volksfest, the beer tent was warm, boozy, and a stomping good time. I loved how everyone was dressed up in their traditional Bavarian garbs, even the usually sullen, hyper-sensitive tweens and adolescents. The folksy band Cagey Strings played modern and classic songs but in their own unique Bavarian way, which was so cute. I was just intrigued by how all these people, young and old, just got boozed up and had such a jolly good time together. It was such a vast difference from the soju-tinged, karaoke-singing, sometimes sordid room-salon activities of Koreans, and the very salient ageism that exists in Korea. 

Curioser and curioser!

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