Thursday, May 16, 2013

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I've been a bad little blogger. Every time I travel out of the country, the difficulties of finding smooth Internet connection equal to Korea's LTE and ubiquitous wifi deter me from daily updates. I suppose I could find steady Internet if I went searching for one- it IS Europe, after all, not a third world country- but I get caught up in the daily to-do of traveling and what-not.

So, my sincere apologies, and a little photo diary update to tide you over until I get around to writing something substantial, which will be soon, I promise!

The layover from Hell. The Beijing Airport in China is ill-equipped to handle timely luggage loading, apparently, as they just got the memo that all the passengers' luggage should be loaded properly AFTER all the passengers had boarded. 

Bored shots of my Zara kicks while languishing in waiting. 

These meatballs doused with artificial Parmesan from Sbarro's cheered me up immensely. Both were larger than my fists... as all good meatballs should be, IMHO. 

The night I arrived, we ate at a lounge-type restaurant. Eating whilst horizontal + white cushions and pillows = impending disaster. 

Amazing Bavarian food. I don't remember the name but it was some form of beef doused in a tomato-based, vinegar-y sauce that was absolutely divine. 

Thinly slices of beef with a rich gravy. Bavarian food rocks my world. 

Some gorgeous tulips in bloom. 

The cutest restaurant/bistro in Ingolstadt, VERY cute breakfast sets. 

I plumped for the Continental Breakfast, which consisted of egg, cheese, ham, plain and sesame brötchen, cucumbers, tomatoes, butter, honey, and strawberry jam. Simple yet delicious!

This field of dandelions just begs to be run through. 

Plump little pigeon enjoying a bit of a nap until an audacious Asian girl crept up to take a photo.

Loving my pink metallic Tory Burch iPhone case juxtaposed with my Butter London Henley Regatta nails. The four layers required to achieve an intense sparkly turquoise color will be a nightmare to take off ㅠ

These flowers always remind me of the singing flowers in Alice in Wonderland because they look like faces!

Quick OOTD: Tribal Print tunic: Papaya // Dark blue jeans: Zara // Wedge boots with gold studs: Zara // Matte black Wayfarer Sunglasses: Ray-Bans

I'm going to try to be a better blogger from now on, but in all honesty, the Internet connection going at the snail's pace that it is, this post took about 2.5 hours to write, mostly 80% of that just staring at the photo loading page, watching the bar showing completion slowly crawl along. I do have a Buddha's Birthday post coming up tomorrow that I took photos for before coming to Europe so keep an eye out for that! MUAH!

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