Friday, May 17, 2013

Lifestyle: Buddha's Birthday

One of the events that I look forward to the most during the month of the May is Buddha's birthday. I'm not Buddhist, but I imagine this anticipation of the event can be most similarly compared to the concept of looking forward to Easter for the Easter Egg Hunts, or looking forward to the Christmas while not being a devout Christian. For me, Buddha's birthday means one thing: LANTERNS.

All of Seoul goes ALL OUT for this event, and you can start to see massive strings of colorful lanterns strewn all over the streets starting from the end of April. To this day, I still don't know how such a wide-scale project of hanging these lanterns is conducted, but I am hugely appreciative of how collectively everyone works to make sure that Seoul is colorful and aesthetically pleasing for the inhabitants and foreign tourists alike.

I knew that due to my being in Europe for this holiday, I'd miss a lot of the lantern festivals that would be held, so I planned ahead and went to a gorgeous Buddhist temple near my house to snap a few shots before I left for Europe. Hope you enjoy!

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