Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What's In My Makeup Bag: Travel Edition

AHH! I'm off for Thailand tomorrow evening! This trip couldn't have come soon enough. I need a little vacay after a really intense work schedule this March. 

I love "What's In My Bag" posts, so it shouldn't surprise anyone that I would do a "What's In My Bag: Travel Edition". The challenge of fitting everything in really delights me. You know what else makes me beam? Saving luggage space by packing samples. Samples samples samples. I love taking all the samples that the girls at my favorite shops give me. I buy the full-sized versions and since the girls know me as the crazy product-obsessed girl, they give me sample/travel versions of everything I need.

I only intend on taking one carry-on and one checked luggage because I really can't be bothered to lug around much- plus, I'll be lounging around in bikinis all day every day and those don't really take up too much space ^_~. Another thing: Thailand is a hot, muggy country. I've gone twice before and every time I go I don't even bother with face makeup because you'll end up looking like a Monet painting after about an hour outside. The only makeup products I plan on wearing will be eye makeup and some tints/stains that will sustain the temperature well.

Skincare I HAVE to pack because I am very particular about what products I put on my face and body.  I tried to pick light products because in hot and humid weather, my face is prone to oiliness so I need light oil-free moisturizer.

1) Pure Vitamin Shea Essentials body oil
*I've got jasmine/coconut milk body milks, body sunscreen, Aloe Vera aftersun, and suntan oil from Korres coming to Thailand so I won't have to bring any of my own in my luggage*

1) Aveda Invati Exfoliating Shampoo travel size
2) Aveda Invati Thickening Conditioner travel size
*Morrocan Oil Hydrating Styling Cream ordered and available upon arrival in Thailand*

1) Origins Brighter By Nature SPF 50 sample size x 3
2) Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Mask sample size x 1 (my review of this here)
3) Origins Zero Oil Deep Pore Cleanser sample size x 3
4) Origins Zero Oil Deep Pore Cleanser sample size x 3
5) Origins Zero Oil Oil-Free Moisture Lotion x 3
6) Origins Brighter By Nature SPF 50 in a tube
7) Chanel Gentle BiPhase Eye Makeup Remover
11) Nars Makeup Removing Water x 2
11) Nars Purifying Foam Cleanser
13) Nars Luminous Moisture Cream

3) Sephora Heated Eyelash Curler
5) MAC Small Angle Brush in 266 (I like to dip this angle brush into the MAC liquid eyeliner for more precision in drawing)
7) MAC Superslick Liquid Eyeliner in Black (This stuff will not BUDGE the entire day! Score!)
8) Etúde House eyeshadow pencils in Golden Tail Star (shimmery light gold) and Little Bear Star (shimmery bronze)
10) MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer NC20 (Just in case!)
13) Benefit Lip Tint in Posie (Perfect for a natural blush and lip tint!)
15) MAC Lipstick Amplified Creme in Impassioned (Gorgeous color for tanned skin!)

I know this may seem a lot, but look ma! All in these two bags:
This larger Kiehl's bag has a hook that you can hang for easy access, and the mesh is nice for items that you want to be visible. 

I find the opening for this Etúde House makeup bag very appealing because I'm not blindly digging around for my stuff- plus, it has nifty little holders and covers for your brushes! YAY?

I'll throw my bigger skincare bag into my checked luggage, and keep the makeup bag with me in my carryon. 

Now I have enough space to fit my snorkeling gear in the suitcase. I'm ready for some scuba diving and watermelon shakes on the beach all day! Bring on the sun and sand!

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