Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What's In My Bag #1: Work Bag

I've read a lot of these posts on other blogs, and I love them! When it comes to space and how to fill it with only the essentials, I get SERIOUS. I adore packaging and am the queen of having the perfect makeup bag for my different handbags. Also, it forces me to de-clutter my bags (my bag didn't start off looking so clean and tidy hurhur). I love the challenge of having to fit something carefully into a space, so I thought I'd give one of these posts a go!

For this post, I want to show my usual daily work bag, which has to be large enough to fit my Macbook Air 11" for work and all the day-to-night essentials I need in order to go straight from work to meetings to having dinner with friends.

Louis Vuitton Neverfull PM in Damier Azur- LV's Neverfulls are always a staple. They're lightweight enough to not put any extra weight on your shoulders, but large enough to hold everything you need. I think I need to purchase another Neverfull PM in Monogram because they're just so handy!

(From clockwise): Dior Makeup Bag // Blue Striped Bag (for chargers) // Macbook Air Charger // iPhone 5 USB charger // iPhone 5 // Red penlight // VC & Xylitol e-ma in Green Apple // Car Keys with Dinosaur Bear Keychain // Tiger Thermos (in Turquoise) // earphones // Macbook Air 11" // Kleenex Hand & Face Moist Wipes in Kiwi // Zara Studded Wallet in Cream // Pink Spiral Notebook with 3-color Uni Jetstream Pen 

Dior Makeup Bag contents get their own post soon!

I'm constantly in fear of being stuck in an elevator or being caught unprepared when North Korea invades, so I try to keep my red penlight in every purse I carry... just in case.

I love a jolt of sugary sour green apple at the 2PM slumps in the afternoon, so the VC & Xylitol e-ma is essential for that pick-me-up. It's imported from Japan and comes in grape, lemon, and raspberry flavors as well.

I talk a lot for work, so in the mornings, I like to fill my thermos up with Yuzu Honey Syrup or Peppermint Syrup and fill it with hot water when I get to work. That way, it's lightweight both on the way to work and back. This Tiger Thermos has been a trooper for the past 3 years I've had it, carrying me through serious coffee addiction and, even on some occasion, carrying the soup for my lunch hot and fresh. It's slim but functional.

I used to get sick ALL the time, so I attribute my recent bout of healthiness to always carrying around Kleenex Hand & Face Moist Wipes. It comes in a slim 10-sheet package in a variety of subtle but unique scents like Kiwi, Tomato, and Apple, and is absolutely necessary when handling doorknobs and  public transportation like subways and taxis, ESPECIALLY in Korea where pollution and population always pose a health risk.

The aspect I love most about this Zara Studded Wallet is that the studs stick out, so even when I place it on a table, the wallet itself doesn't get dirty. That's how the cream color manages to stay pristine even when I haven't cleaned it in a year. The insides are perfect for what I need to carry: coins, bills, and 6 card slots.

What about you? What's in your bag?

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