Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Thailand: A Photo Diary (Part 2)

This is the second installment of my Thailand photo diary. Some thoughts while writing this blog: 
  • I took about 8 different bikinis with me there because in my head I packed for a beach emergency situation where there were no more bikinis available on the entire island...  hey, these things happen!
  • I went scuba diving for two whole days. Scuba diving in Thailand is definitely a bit subpar compared to the fabulous Palau but I've finally accomplished a major 2013 goal of mine!
  • Perhaps it was the scuba diving, perhaps it was less durable than I'd initially thought, but my manicure didn't last the trip! I had Dior Pink Graffiti on my fingernails and a Nars Thakoon skittle on my toes. The Dior nail polish is usually a sturdy one but it started to flake on Day 4. Hmph. The Nars Thakoon are still holding strong though!
  • Hats are a must when you're in and out of salt water and your hair is wet and drying in clumps. I prefer caps that will shade my face when sunbathing because for some odd reason, I'm really concerned about wrinkles on my face but prefer my body to get as brown as possible.
  • The weather was initially a bit cloudy as it was the end of dry season in Thailand but towards the end of the week, it was sunny, hot, and gorgeous! I love the sun.
  • We spent majority of the time in Koh Phangan but spent one day in Koh Samui as that was where the airport was located. I definitely prefer the less touristy Koh Phangan as it had that true relaxed island vibe that I was looking for. 

Enough writing! You probably want to see the photos:

Colorful skittle pedicure courtesy of Nars Thakoon Collaboration (my review of the polishes here)

Bikini- H&M // Bracelets- Korean vendors in Apgujeong // Hat- Korean vendor in Myungdong // Sunglasses- Ray-Ban Wayfarers

Just one of the delicious nightly refreshments that the Anantara Culinary Team leaves on your bar every night after the turndown service. Some of the snacks are incredibly delicious and differ every day. What a lovely surprise to see this awaiting us every evening after a long day on the beach!

Trying to get my tan on at the sundeck of our ship before going diving at Sailing Rock!

Advanced Diving License, here I come!

Two of the best dive instructors from H2O Diving Company. Martin is seriously super informative, patient, and chill. No fear around him!

Neon pink bikini- H&M // Sheer white top- H&M // Mint green shorts with embroidered detail- Zara // Wedges- Random Korean shop in Gangnam // Sunnies- Ray-Ban // Necklace- Tiffany & Co // Armswag- Korean vendors in Apgujeong

Happy day! So sunny and gorgeous out, and the waves were calm and exposed the sand dunes far up the beach.

This called for some jumps!

En pointe! I almost smashed my face into the sand after this pose. 

Cute panda-dog at one of the local restaurants Baan Muay Thai. 

Looking over the infinity-esque pool into... another pool, which looked out into... the beach. Water everywhere!

Most romantic dinner ever where the staff created an entire structure for us, and dug these hearts in the ground and lit them on fire. 

Gorgeous architecture at our second resort in Koh Samui... amazing facilities but boy oh boy did that resort have the worst staff and management possible or what. 

We had the fifth floor pool villa. Topless swimming and sunbathing! 0_o

Hat- Korean vendor in Myungdong // Woven Tribal Bag- Accessorize in Changi Airport Singapore // Shirt- Anantara Resort Spa LOL // Coral studded shorts- Zara // Sky-blue bikini- H&M 

The bedroom and the master bathroom were on one side of the villa, and the living room and smaller guest bathroom were on the other side of the villa, both separated by the kitchen and private pool/bathing area. Amazeballs.

Pool area of the resort. I especially loved the cove-like rocks to the side and the little island in the center complete with trees that dangled coconuts dangerously above us. 

The usual watermelon shake and carrot juice. I will miss having these daily!

One of the reasons I love Thailand is that no matter how often I go, there always seems to be something new that I discover, partly because of the many different islands there are. The bright and flavorful foods, the friendliness of the people, and the beauty of the islands and the water will hopefully remain the same until I visit again. I sincerely hope that the Thai government maintain high standards of environmental practices and protect their coasts and lands so that future generations will be able to enjoy what I enjoy every time I go. My next trip to Thailand can't come soon enough!

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