Sunday, April 21, 2013

Thailand: A Photo Diary (Part 1)

I'm back in Korea, shivering and dreaming about the glorious last week that was my third trip to Thailand. My trips to Thailand seem to get better and better each time I go! I wanted to make a photo diary separate from my hotel and restaurant reviews, so without further ado, I present to you, in chronological order and with minimal interruption, my Thailand photo diary part one:

Delicious and refreshing purple drank (haha, couldn't resist!) from the welcoming front desk of Anantara. Never you mind the weird folding of my shirt.

Dozing in our first pool villa while waiting for our room upgrade.

I think at this point, I'd been up for 36 hours straight because sleeping on an airplane is near impossible for a light sleeper like myself. Result: lots of hand pictures? and armswag (from a street vendor in Seoul). 

The inner 5-year-old in me find bears to be irresistibly adorable (from Doota department store in Seoul).

Freshly blended banana smoothie and a pineapple ginger invigorating drink (at least that's what they called it).

Me classing it up on our villa couch.

Racing to breakfast the first day after arriving. Couldn't wait to stuff my belly!

Beautifully folded leaf in the shape of a bird in the vases at reception.

Unbeknownst to us, that day was Songkran, celebrated as the New Year in Thailand. It usually falls on the hottest time of the year, and is celebrated with the throwing of water on others and yourself as a sort of blessing to wash all the bad away.

Beige-colored talc is also mixed with water and smeared on the faces as an additional blessing.

The resort decided to celebrate by hosting games on the beach, like a tug of war, throwing water balloons to your partners, eating contests, and using a cucumber/eggplant(?) to push a ball down the beach. This one was strictly for the boys ^_~

Having my Lumix out was a dangerous gamble as there were drive-by water gunnage from all corners. 

After all the water games, I used my towel to become a burrito.

Dinner for the Songkran Festival included delicious tapioca-esque balls in coconut cream. 

There were these cute little cards written by the staff all around the tables. I think there was a bit of a deliberate misspelling there as they almost wrote "WASHING you all the joys of the season" hur hur hur. Kob khun ka! (means thank you for females).

Hat- Korean vendor in Myungdong // Tribal jumpsuit- Papaya // Wedges- Random Korean store in Gangnam // Tribal woven mini backpack- Accessorize in Changi Airport Singapore // Bracelets- Korean vendor in Apgujeong

This cat just chilling on the restaurant couch. It's a hard life but someone's gotta live it.

Ventured into Thong Sala the next day and got a cheap-o Thai massage- 90 minutes for 300 baht (about $10USD).

Fruit market in Thong Sala. I love mangos, definitely one of my top three favorite fruits!

Amazing artwork in a store in Thong Sala. I wants!

I think the elephant artwork would be stunning when framed and hung side by side.

I love the gold detail when the light hits it. I've seen similar artwork in Indonesia. Simply beautiful!

Melt-in-your-mouth barracuda fish and chips at the food market in Thong Sala.

We decided to be adventurous and go to a boat party. It was filled with the most eclectic group of people, but the drinks were weak sauce!

Look for the Thailand photo diary part two in the next few days, as well as the restaurant and hotel reviews. I love being on vacation and all that but OMGASD##!@$!#! I hate shifty Internet connection, so it's a relief to my social media-addicted self to be able to get back into the blogging and Instagramming groove. Regular posting resumes!

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