Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Spas #2

Oh noez!

In all the hubbub of being on and returning back from holiday, I neglected two Sundays in a row of my Sunday Spas posts. I really went all out for this Spa because despite going for two official Thai spas (one of which was all-out amazing), I felt kind of grubby after all the sand and travel. Plus, I got a bit of a sun allergy on my body where I overexposed my skin to too much sun, and loads of mosquito bites that drove me insane during the flight home. Treat yoself!

Currently Reading: Trashy magazines

I used to buy Star, US Weekly, and InTouch twice a week without fail when I lived in the US. As I reflect upon this ridiculously expensive habit ($2.99-$5.99 per publication), I realize that this was pretty much one of the most wasteful, money-sucking habits I could have cultivated. Now that I spend all that money on oodles of lotions, nail polishes, and clothes (heh), I only allow myself these trashy publications once in a blue moon. (It also helps that I live in Korea where they cost 3-4 times the amount and are not easily available in the checkout aisle of every grocery store.) Anyhoo, I went a bit crazy in Koh Samui airport and used up all my remaining baht on these magazines. I think I spent an equivalent of $85 dollars, but I really needed to know about Kim Kardashian's eating habits during pregnancy, okay?! I didn't read them on the airplane but saved them for the luxurious Sunday Spa that I'm having right now. Oooh indulgent.

On My Face
1) Wide maroon headband
2) Vaseline Lip Therapy in Aloe Vera
3) Origins Modern Friction Nature's Gentle Dermabrasion
4) Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash
5) Caudalíe Beauty Elixir
6) Korres Pomegranate Cleansing Mask (similar one available in the US here)
7) Caudalíe Vinosource Quenching and Moisturising Sorbet Creme

I decided to use a wider headband this time because the baby hair on my hairline has gotten a bit unruly after my Thailand trip. The Korres Cleansing Mask smells amazing and needs only a thin layer on your skin. Leave it on for 10 minutes, and only rinse off with warm water- no towel needed here! After I rinse off the initial cleansing mask, I do a bit of a scrub on my face with the Origins Dermabrasion, which is a bit too rough and harsh to use on a nightly occasion, but perfect for a once-a-month scrub. The little scrubbers give my face a refreshing cleanse, and then I wash it off and do a final face wash with my holy grail Origins Frothy Face Wash. A spritz of Caudalíe's Elixir as a toner, and then a thin layer of Caudalíe Sorbet Creme for a light and hydrating last touch. A bit of the Vaseline Aloe Vera lip balm finishes my face routine for the night!

On My Body:
2) Korres Body Milk 200mL in Jasmine
3) Bumble and Bumble Deeep Hair Mask
4) LUSH Lovely Jubblies Breast Cream

After the usual shampoo and conditioner routine, I decided my hair needed some therapy as well, so I threw on the Bumble and Bumble Hair Mask, combing it good and deep into my hair. I let the mask soak in while I apply the The Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish on my body. It is a massive jar of sugary sweet goodness. The citrus-y lemon-y sugar-y smell makes me want to eat it. The sugar crystals are big and coarse, which makes my body feel like it's been scrubbed properly. After I rinse everything all off, I rub some of the Korres Body Milk on, which of course has the same amazing sink-in texture as the Korres Basil Lemon (my review on that product here), but the Jasmine smell is so lovely and floral! A good rub-in of the LUSH Lovely Jubblies Breast Cream (my full review here) finishes my body routine.

On My Nails:
6) LUSH Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter
7) Mini Nail Buffer

After buffing my nude nails smooth, I do the application of the base coat, color, and top coat. Doing my nails has become incredibly therapeutic for me. There is something very satisfying about the precise application of the polishes. After the removal of nail polish with acetone, my hands get really rough, so I need a quick dab of the LUSH Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter on my cuticles, and a few pumps of the deliciously smelling Origins Ginger Hand Lotion for my palms and the top of my hands. 

Mmmhm Sunday Spas are delicious. I need Monday-Friday Spas as well.

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