Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Spas #1

Usually, Sundays are either categorized into two types of days.

Day A is affectionately dubbed Sunday Funday (original, I know) and is when I've been a good girl and tucked in early the night before, so I wake up refreshed and ready to take my dog to the park by the river, have brunch and shop with friends, and watch the latest release in 4D (oh yes, Korea has 4D... and what an experience it is).

Day B is when I've had a big Saturday night out on the town, and the next day is spent rolling around wishing death upon all forms of alcohol and want nothing more than to nosh on bad food like cream pasta and relax my bones and re-nourish my body and face, aka my Sunday Spas.*

*NOTE: Sometimes, I like to go to one of the actual Korean spas where I sweat out my toxins in individually themed sweat rooms, bathe in 4 different aromatherapy baths, and have an elderly woman wearing only panties scrub my body raw until I squeak out of the establishment, but those require a strong constitution and is generally fun when shared with a close girl friend for an epic gab session. I'll do a post on one of those soon!

I'll devote this post to one of my Sunday Spas Day A:

Currently Reading: Justin Cronin's "The Twelve".

The back of my Kindle Touch. I love this skin!

It took me, Ms. Speed Reader 1999-2013, a total of a week to finish the previous Justin Cronin 879 page masterpiece "The Passage". Generally, my biggest complaint of books is that they're not long enough, and I start panicking when I hit the midway point of a novel, counting down the amount of pages left until the end of a good time. "The Passage" tested my endurance and stamina, but boy was it worth it. I loved every second of it. It's a good old dystopian novel (the best kinds of books in my eyes) but with a new and scientific twist with a dash of ZOMBIE. "The Twelve" is its sequel (or technically, its prequel) and there is a third book in the trilogy, "The City of Mirrors", due out in 2014. Director Ridley Scott has optioned for the movie rights of "The Twelve", so you know it has mass appeal despite its daunting length.

On My Face
1) Headband
2) Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask
3) Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash
4) Hot Towel (wet and pop in microwave for 50 seconds)
5) Aesop Perfect Facial Hydrating Cream
6) NUXE Rêve de Miel Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm

I throw my hair back in the headbands (two for extra support!) and spread the Origins Charcoal Mask all over my face. While waiting for the mask to tighten, I get my face towel wet, pop it in the microwave for about a minute, and after letting it cool a tad, I put it on my face to steam it. After a minute, I wipe the mask off, wash my face with the Origins Face Wash, and towel my face dry. I put on a bit of the Aēsop Facial Cream (a little bit goes a long way because it's so rich!) and put some NUXE lip balm on. 

On My Body:
2) Melvita Body Scrub for Dry Skin (my review of the product here)

After a good body scrub with the Melvita Body Scrub, I rinse off (presumably in the shower...) and then towel off; rub in the Korres Body Milk but not much rubbing is necessary, it soaks in right away!

On My Nails:
4) Dior Vernis in Electric Blue (606)

I take my nude nails, put on the Sally Hansen Cuticle Remover on the cuticles, wait about a minute for it to soak in before pushing up my cuticles and then wipe off with a tissue. Buff my nails with the mini buffer (so cute!) and then wash my hands with warm water and soap. Dry off, put on the Sally Hansen Base Coat, wait 3 minute for it to dry, put on 2 coats of my Dior Vernis color coat (such an amazing blue!), wait for 5 minutes, put on Sally Hansen Top Coat for that extra gloss. After everything has dried (about a good hour or so), I put on my Burt's Bees Cuticle Cream for my cuticles to soak in while I sleep, and a dollop of Bliss High Intensity Hand Cream for extra moisture on my hands.

After one of my Spas, I feel so refreshed and ready for my Monday! 

Do you have a Sunday ritual? I'd love to hear about it!

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