Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Product Review: Melvita Apicosma Ultra-Nourishing Body Scrub

The Melvita Apiscosma Ultra-Nourishing Body Scrub is apparently a newer product in the Melvita line but OMG I love anything from Melvita so I grabbed this as soon as my eyes alighted upon it.

Korea has about two Melvita stores in Seoul. I went to the Garosugil (가로수길) one in Apgujeong (압구정). 

This body scrub has three honeys of thyme, acacia, and orange blossom, all combining to make this scrub smell absolutely divine. I could sit here and inhale the jar smells for an hour. Not only is the smell amazing, but there is also an "organic argan nut powder" that "gently exfoliates, eliminates dead cells, and reveals skin's radiance"- which it most certainly does. 

I love to rub this scrub all over my body but particularly my legs after a really drying winter. 

I find this scrub to be less harsh on the skin than other scrubs. There are these wee little black scrubbing bits that made me feel like this scrub is working, but the incredibly moisturizing aspect of the scrub makes it seem less grating on the skin than others. That's due to the beeswax and Shea butter incorporated into the scrub, which leaves the skin super smooth and soft. 

I love all things Melvita, as I've said before, because of their smell and organic products. They tend to run a bit pricey in Seoul, but I totally think it's worth every penny, and I fully intend on trying every single product Melvita has to offer. They are up there with Korres and Origins as one of my favorite skincare brands. It's love!

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