Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Product Review: LUSH Lip Scrubs

I tend to forget about moisturizing my lips in the winter and spring because lips and hands are the last things I think about when freezing my bum off in snowy weather. Thus, I finally got my bum in gear and purchased these during the winter time when desperate needs call for desperate measures. I knew that LUSH's lip scrubs didn't really get that great of reviews from the Interwebs, but the saleslady did a great job selling me the product, so I thought, "Meh... why not?"

Pow Wow Lip Scrub (discontinued)

Both items smell amazing. The Mint Julips one is pepperminty and has a hint of chocolate in it, reminding me of drinking a peppermint mocha from Starbucks... after I take a dab and exfoliate my lips, I do feel a slight tingling sensation from the peppermint. The Pow Wow lip scrub was a limited edition one that LUSH hawked over the holidays, and what sold me was the fact that it had pop! rocks! power!... unfortunately, the fresh lemon/lime smell isn't enough to make me forget that all that popping! and rocking! was happening on my lips. The texture of this was too rough and makes my lips feel raw and sore, not to mention that the pop! rocks! power! activates when water reacts with it, so forget about using this mess in the shower because it'll feel like a fireworks show and you're left with a lumpy, fused green mess. You'll notice the difference in texture in the pictures above: the Pow Wow appears to be quite chunky, while the Mint Julips still retains its grainy texture. Despite Pow Wow being purchased way after Mint Julips, Pow Wow's life expectancy was significantly shorter and the quality shoddier, hence its discontinuation?

Not sure if I'll buy these again after I finish the products. I think I can just make my own with brown sugar and some vanilla oil. The packaging and the names of LUSH's products sure are cute though.

And while LUSH swears you can eat this after rubbing it on, there's just something so delightfully UNappealing about licking off my own sugary, flaky, dead lip cells. No thanks.

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