Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Product Review: Korres Pomegranate Tonic Lotion Review

I'm not a big user of tonic/toner lotions. Once I bought a massive 500mL of Aveda's tonic lotion and it's still in the cupboard. Guess I should bring it out for a "shop the stash" post soon.

Korres is one of my favorite brands only because they try their darnedest best to make everything so homeopathically compatible with nature. As a Greek company, they try to base their products on all natural ingredients, and their Green Guarantee ensures that they try to use hydroelectric power, 99% renewable packaging, etc, etc.

Anyhoo, to the product at hand: the Korres Pomegranate Tonic Lotion. It's described as a tonic lotion that "cleanses and removes excess oil, with additional benefits of imparting a smoother and more matte finish to the skin". Another bonus!: the organic pomegranate extracts tightens the pores and rejuvenates the skin, minimizing skin breakouts. 

I like to take a bit of the tonic, squeeze it on a cotton pad, and just dab all over my face. This is done both in the morning and at nighttime for me. In the morning, it helps to give my face a matte finish, which with my sometimes oily T-zone I appreciate, and in the evenings I like to see the excess makeup and oils that my trusty MAC Makeup Remover Wipes missed, which is typically around my eye area. I trust the gentleness of the Korres tonic lotion over MAC's sometimes astringent and aggressive makeup removal, which is great for stubborn waterproof mascara, but not so fun for my undereye region. 

While it does have alcohol and witch hazel, I find it very mild and not at all drying to my skin. I have combination skin, but I apply it everywhere and find that even my usual dry areas don't have negative reactions to this. I've always thought that toners were acidic and thus would strip my natural oils off my face, but apparently it's excellent for moisturizing as well, something that Korres Pomegranate Tonic Lotion does very well.

As for the pore reducing claims that are so common amongst most beauty products, I have to admit that there isn't really a noticeable decrease in my pores. They're not huge to begin with, but when your face is 2cm away from a mirror nit-picking, they seem big all right. I'll see how the progress of pore size decreases with extended usage, but I am not too hopeful on miracles. The other benefits of it is good enough for me, though. 

Bottom line: I'm sold. I never really used tonic lotions religiously before, but the dual effects of mattifying and mild cleansing is just what a girl who is perpetually late to everything needs. The smell is pretty yummy too, not at all offensive or acidic.

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