Monday, April 22, 2013

Product Review: Etúde House Bling Bling Eyeshadow Sticks

Erm. I couldn't really write that title without cringing. I mean, Korean companies and their whackadoodle English names. I can understand a mom-and-pop shop naming their fried chicken establishment "Boner Wing" or seeing signs like this:

There is even a government-sanctioned initiative to eliminate all forms of Konglish off the streets, where they give an incentive of 30,000 for anyone who reports inaccurate usages of English in government signs. 

HOWEVER, you would think that a major corporation like Etúde House would MAYBE have a native English-speaking consultant who tells them that the only people who use the phrase "bling bling" are from circa 1990s. Nope. They just decide to be renegades and go with it. 

Normally it would be against my deeply held ethics and morals to condone such poor, careless usages of grammar but I've used Etúde House cream eyeshadows before and they're FANTASTIC quality for the price, so I swallowed my convictions and went for four of the shades.

#08 Ivory Baby Star

#09 Golden Tail Star

#10 Little Bear Star

#07 Orange Fox Star

 Swatched in shade

 Swatched in natural light

I would say that #08 Ivory Baby Star and #09 Golden Tail Star are too similar in real life (and in the photos). There is a small difference (Ivory Baby Star is slightly lighter in color and a bit more shimmery) but not enough to justify purchase of both.

The color payoff is not as vivid, but they glide on smoothly, the shimmer effect is subtle, and the eyeshadow stays on all day when applied over a proper eyeshadow primer. The price is cheap (4,000 per stick) and they're available in a multitude of colors. I tend to go with the gold/earth tones more because the pearls and the purples are too colorful for the usual natural look that I go for. 

I own a variety of eyeshadows, both high and low end, but you know that a product is good when you find yourself reaching for them over your Chanels and Diors. I would definitely recommend Etude House for their eyeshadows, nail polishes, and lip glosses. Korean beauty companies like Etúde House, Missha, Innisfree, Aritaum, and Nature Republic have definitely upped their game in terms of quality for price... now if only they could just get the names right.

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