Monday, April 15, 2013

New In: Alexander Wang Rockie

I am utterly obsessed with Alexander Wang's purses. I was itching to get a new "it" bag, and at the top of my list (beside the ever elusive Céline Phantoms >.<) was the Alexander Wang Rocco and Rockies. I was going to go a bit wild and buy one of each, but after reading some of the reviews, I went with only the Rockie as I have a petite frame and read that not only does the size of the bigger Rocco overwhelm, but it's also about 3kgs of weight due to all the studs. I don't need to have Popeye arms on only one side of my body, thankyouverymuch, so decided that the Rockie with its crossbody bag appeal would be perfect for me.

I vacillated between the Oyster Gray and Grass Green colors, but thought that the Spring 2013 Soft Tang color with Pale Gold Studs would be fun for spring and especially Thailand.

It is just the ideal size to hold my Lumix, sunglass case, a few lip essentials, sunblock, and cash, throw over my body and jump on a moped to do a little tour around the island of Koh Phangan.

The color is vivid and fun, and the pale gold studs add an extra bit of oomph appeal (as well as being the main reason for its weight, but it's manageable).

I love it! Now I absolutely NEED the Rockie in Oyster Gray and Green. For €800 (1,200/$795) it's not cheap, but hello! Way cheaper than the $4,000 price tag on the Céline! I feel like I'm getting a bargain deal here. That's how I justify it to myself, anyway ^_~

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