Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Nailed: Nars Thakoon Collection

(*This is a scheduled post to keep you guys happy while I'm on holiday! Kisses from Thailand!*)

Whenever I plan a vacation to a tropical location, I make sure to pick my nail color with care. I know that my nails will get the ultimate rough treatment from frolicking on the grainy sands of the beach or the constant water soaking from scuba diving. The color is also of utmost importance because I know I won't be changing my nail color when on vacation for a week or so- I mean, who wants to spend their holiday sitting in a dark room getting nails done? I've done it before: the quality of the available nail polish and equipment was shoddy, I could have done a better job with the painting, and sand immediately got in the nail polish- time and money better spent soaking in the rays while sipping a watermelon shake. The solution? I like to paint my nails with a high-quality, no-chip nail polish right before vacation, and bring the nail polish and clear top coat for any touchups during the vacation.

Seeing as I was going back to Thailand for vacation, I thought it was only appropriate to wear Thai-American fashion designer Thakoon on my nails, or rather, his collaboration with Nars on my nails. This limited edition nail collaboration came out in Spring 2012. The colors are all bright and vivid, having been inspired by the colors found in Indian spice markets.

My immediate thoughts? "Gotta catch 'em all!" I managed to bag all of them except the elusive Lal Mirchi, a gorgeous orange-red which was a Bleeker Street Boutique exclusive that was not available in Korea. I'll get you someday, my pretty.

Nars Anardana: extremely saturated pink-red/fuchsia

Nars Amchoor: creamy, bright warm yellow

Nars Koliary: bright cyan blue, borderline aqua

Nars Kutki: powder, pastel blue

Ratin Jot: orchid purple (almost berry-esque)

Nars' nail polishes are fail-safes for me. I know that their formula will be smooth, creamy, highly pigmented, and require two coats for maximum coverage. Another bonus is that they look amazing under water! I've taken scuba diving photos under water before Nars' Thakoon collection colors on, and the saturation was so vivid that everyone commented on my nails in the photos more than the colorful fish and coral.

What do you think? This is a scheduled post so you may have seen some pictures of my nails on previous posts in Thailand. Which nail color(s) did I go with? ^_~

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