Monday, April 29, 2013

Lifestyle: Cherry Blossoms on Eunbong Hill

I had taken these photos right when flowers were just beginning to blossom in Seoul, about two or three weeks ago. I missed the cherry blossoms at their peak while I was in Thailand, but I'm glad I got these snaps before I left. 

We went up to one of my favorite mini-mountains in the Seoul metro area, Eunbong Hill (은봉산). Technically it's called a mountain but I, with my vast geographic skills (I took AP Human Geography in high school, ok?!) would categorize it under "large hill". It rises right next to the Han River, so when you hike to the top, you can look down and see all the highways and bridges criss-crossing along the Han River. There is a beautiful wooden walkway built all along the side of the hill. I like to call Eunbong Hill my Zombie Apocalypse Hill, as the vantage point of the hill shows all ingress and egress of major highways and bridges nearby, so in the event of zombies taking over Seoul, I would hightail it to the top of this hill and be able to pick out all incoming zombies with my handmade sling and nearby pebbles. I've planned this emergency plan in great detail, and if you reach the top and look closely, you'll see my collection of pebbles that I add to every time I visit. You can't tell if I'm being serious or not, can you?

The sun peeking through golden blooms. 

My dog wore his panda outfit that day. One of my favorite ways to exercise him is to pretend I'm going up a large flight of stairs, have him race to the top while I'm still on the bottom two, and then pretend to go down, at which point he frantically chases me down the stairs. I do this about 4 or 5 times, which pretty much exhausts him. Heh.

You can see his panda outfit a little better here. See the viewpoint?

Cherry blossoms intermingling with the golden ones (obviously I don't know their official flora name in English)

At the very top of the hill is this gorgeous structure, my last-stance building if the zombies infiltrate the hill.

Traditionally colorful Korean structure.

I love these trees. There is also a wee workout station dotted around the top.

My dog has photobombed this a bit.

Pale yellow sweater- Who.A.U // Pants- Zara // Brown suede boots- Guess // Belt- Korean store

Jacket- Guess 
You can see women working out below me. 

You can't see them but to my right, there was a group of 10 women eating ramen inside the structure, even though there were about 5 signs prohibiting eating inside. 'Twas a windy day.

This is the view of the highways and bridges intersecting the Han River. Did you know there are a total of 27 bridges that cross the river in Seoul? Imagine before the time of cars!

One of the ways up to the top of the hill. 

I love little spots like this that are hidden gems within the bustling Seoul metro area. I'll show you some more of my favorite spots in future posts. 

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